Foundation Repair Methods


Steel push piers
Steel push piers are the best choice for homes that need to be lifted when doing foundation repairs. These push piers are driven to rock or load bearing soils and then can lift a home back to its original state. Drywall cracks can be closed, windows and doors can once again be opened and shut and exterior brick cracks will go away. The function of steel piers is the support and stabilization of your homes load bearing walls as a permanent solution.

If your home need foundation repair work done, contact a foundation repair contractor and a foundation engineer to specify the type, location and capacities of the steel piers needed on your home. Steel piers are a great choice when there is foundation settlement. This is usually caused by the soil beneath your home. Soil shrinks and swells based on the amount of water in the soil. If soil is poorly compacted, or eroded. Steel piers provide the support and stabilization of your structure's load bearing walls. It transfers the weight from the weak soil to the steel piers that are installed deep into the load bearing soil.

  Steel pier

Helical Piers
Helical anchor piers is a staple product in the foundation repair industry to solve deep foundation issues. In fact, they have been used since the early 1800's. They are a common structural underpinning device used to repair and stabilize foundations. When used with helical brackets, these screw anchors are best used on slab foundations, porches, and other light weight structures.

Today, helical piers are one of the two most common types of structural piering devices for residential and commercial foundation applications in use today.  When driven deeply to stable soils helical piers can be used to lift homes, stabilize foundations, elevate walkways, and retain walls. If your home has drywall cracks, then it needs to be corrected by installing helical piers. They are also easy to install and require little disturbance to the worksite. Helical piers are easy to install, cause little or no vibration, and you can immediately transfer the load as soon as the installation is complete. They install below active soils to insure complete stability. One of the most attractive features of helical piers is the fact that they cause little or no disturbance to your yard and home.

  Helical Pier

Porch Pier
• Designed for light structures or overhangs
• Used for porches & wing walls
• Uses helical pier for support
• Small design can be easily hidden

  Porch Pier

Basement Tieback Anchor
Designed to stabilize and strengthen bowed basement walls. These helical anchors are a permanent solution to supporting basement walls that are cracked, bowed or leaning. These helical anchors are generally installed from inside the basement through a small hole that is sealed and repaired after installation. With exterior excavation, basement or crawl space walls can be immediately pulled back to original design levels.

  Basement Tieback Anchor

Retaining Wall Tiebacks
Helical tieback anchors are installed to support new retaining walls or to strengthen bowed walls. Helical tieback anchors size and load requirements are engineered specific. With high load capacities these anchors make an excellent choice for critical soil retention applications.

  Retaining Wall Tiebacks

Plate Anchors
Plate Anchors are the most economical method for providing support to cracked or bowed basement walls. Their simple and effective design allows foundation repair installers to complete jobs quickly and economically. Minimal disturbance to landscaping is one of the many benefits of plate anchors.

  Plate Anchors

Hydraulic Lift Slab Pier
• Hydraulic lifting of concrete slabs
• Used for commercial and residental
• Mechanical version also available
• Unobtrusive means of slab support
• Handheld equipment can be used for installation

  Hydraulic Lift Slab Pier
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