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Helical Anchor Installation Torque Monitor

clock March 30, 2011 18:41 by author blogadmin
The ECP Helical Anchor Installation Monitor can monitor installation torque, RPM, depth, and GPS coordinates.
ECP Helical Anchor Installation Monitor


The ECP Smart Anchor Monitor (SAM) is revolutionizing the helical anchor industry. No longer do engineers and helical anchor installers need to rely on inaccurate torque monitoring systems. The old days of watching for shaft twist and hydraulic pressures have gone the way of the dinasours. Today foundation repair and new construction contractors can monitor installation torque, RPM, depth, angle of installation and GPS coordinates with the ECP Smart Anchor Monitor.If you are not utilizing the ECP S.A.M. technology, then your competition is one step ahead of you. For more information about the ECP SAM, call Earth Contact Products today!


SAM 10 - 10,000 ft-lb model fits 5-1/4" bolt circle           SAM 25 - 25,000 ft-lb model fits 7-5/8" bolt circle


  • Highly Accurate Monitoring Capability
  • Torque, RPM, Angle, Depth & Location Monitoring
  • Easy to Use
  • Rugged Design
  • Logged Data can be Exported to Excel Spreadsheet
  • GPS Capable
  • Connects to Current Tooling


Helical Anchors Used For Solar Power

clock March 7, 2011 07:35 by author blogadmin
Atlas Piers of Atlanta installs helical anchors for a solar panel foundation project in Dalton Georgia.




The small town of Dalton, Georgia is moving toward becoming the site of the largest solar field in the state. The project, owned by Georgia Power, will bring sustainable energy to the Dalton area for many years to come.

This solar panel project is made possible by the use of ECP helical piles installed by Atlas Piers of Atlanta. The efficient installation of helical piles allows for exact layout of the solar arrays and will provide years of support against wind and weather. The helical piles provided by Earth Contact Products are made from recycled steel which has been a perfect match for renewable energy sources such as solar.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta has used the efficient installation nature of the helical piles to keep phase 1 of the project on time while providing the project engineers a documented installation record. The documentation will provide project managers and engineers, proof of capacity and documentation of meeting design guidelines.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta helps Dalton Solar Plant Celebrate Groundbreaking, click on the following link to learn more:


Basement Waterproofing Systems

clock March 2, 2011 19:12 by author blogadmin
Avoid foundation repair and increase the value of your home by installing a basement waterproofing system, such as an exterior/interior waterproofing system.



There are few home projects that could be more important and potentially costly for your home than installing a basement waterproofing system. Basement remodeling projects are expensive for a reason: water damage can lead to some very steep repair costs and can significantly lower the value of your home and potentially causing health issues for your family.


Although homeowners from all areas of the country need to be concerned with proper foundation drainage, it is especially important in the Springtime, when heavy rainfall puts more stress on basement walls.   Cracks, dampness and mold on and in basement walls is primarily due to a phenomenon called hydrostatic pressure, which increases as the surrounding ground becomes saturated with rainwater. Saturated soil is much heavier than dry soil, which causes undesigned pressures on basement walls.

A good basement waterproofing system will allow excess water to be channeled away from your home's foundation, thus reducing the amount of hydrostatic pressure on your walls.  This is done using perforated footing drains, which run around the perimeter of the home and deposit excess water in a sump pit or daylighted away from the foundation.Many types of basement waterproofing systems can be installed in or around your home, and they are generally differentiated by internal and external functions.  Internal basement waterproofing systems can fix visible problems such as moist walls or mold, but they are much less effective at eliminating hydrostatic pressure than external waterproofing systems. 

While exterior systems can be more invasive, they are the one true form of waterproofing.When considering a basement waterproofing system, make sure that you get an estimate on a complete solutions, opposed to a Bandaid.  While internal basement waterproofing can be effective for many basement water problems, you should also consider proper maintenance for your footing drains and external drainage system as well.  While it may cost more to excavate and replace footing drains, it adds significant equity to the value of your home, and may stave off a potentially expensive flood or foundation repairs.




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