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Residential Foundation Repairs - How Much Does it Cost?

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Every homeowner wants to know the cost of foundation repairs. As soon as you spot signs of damage, contact a foundation engineer to avoid spending more money.


When it comes to residential foundation repairs, the number one question asked is - How much does it cost?

Many of us also think about our home that is in need foundation repairs and think of how much of a hassle it can be to have it repaired. The first step is early detection. At the first sign of damage you should contact a foundation repair contractor right away for an inspection and repair cost estimate. Foundation problems do not go away, they will not fix themselves. You first must have the foundation inspected and the damage assessed by a professional before supplemental damage occurs.

How do they come up with an estimate?

Foundation repair contractors and professional foundation engineers take many factors into consideration when assessing your foundation for repair. After the initial inspection, they will gather the facts, decide on a mode of repair and determine how long it will take to fix the foundation. With this information in hand the foundation professional will then review outside factors that may influence the repair. These factors include the weather, driveways or patios, landscaping, street creep as well as the slope of the land surrounding the homes foundation.

Before committing to a foundation repair contractor, you should get some references from other homeowners and preferably the engineering community. Simply getting three estimates and accepting the cheapest may not always be in your best interest. Generally your home is your most valuable asset and should be treated as such. The type of foundation repair materials and the contractors experience and reputation should weigh heavily in your decision making process. Sometimes it will be worth it to pay more in order to get a better quality job and often times your long term costs will decline with this approach. Remember, it will cost you more to have the job redone due to inferior work. Another factor that will determine the cost is the area in which the damage is located. Certain locations of the foundation will cost more to repair than others.

Foundation repairs do not have to cost a lot of money. Yes, they can be expensive but, if you catch the problem early you will generally save some money. Many foundation repair contractors offer payment plans or Same-as-Cash financing to help relieve the burden of major repairs. Home equity loans are another source of monies to spread the burden over time.

So, how much does foundation repairs cost? Well that is like asking how much does an airline ticket cost. It depends of when, where, why and how. Do your research and then contact a foundation repair contractor or foundation engineer and they will help you answer this question for you and your home.



clock May 10, 2011 05:49 by author blogadmin
The ECP Zoeller Sump Pump is the latest addition to the basement waterproofing products. This pump is 100% factory tested with the highest quality standards.



Olathe, KS., May 9, 2011 – Earth Contact Products is pleased to introduce Zoeller Sump Pumps as their latest addition to their basement waterproofing product line. Zoeller Company, the oldest independently owned U.S. pump manufacturer, continues to maintain the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of pumps. The combination of ECP and Zoeller gives basement waterproofing companies the ability to purchase premium products from the leading source of basement repair products.

 All Zoeller pumps are time tested and quality driven. Their submersible pumps are 100% factory tested underwater for dependability from the instant they're plugged in.

 Earth Contact Products, which is a manufacturer and distributor of foundation repair and basement waterproofing products, is now bringing customers one of the most well-known and reliable sump pumps in the industry.  Zoeller Pump Company, the oldest independently owned U.S. pump manufacturer, continues to maintain the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of sump pumps.

 Earth Contact Products will offer a variety of Zoeller pumps that will include, the 1/3 hp M53, the ½ hp M98, the Basement Sentry I battery back-up and the ProPak 53 primary and battery back-up prepackaged system.“No other sump pump name is more recognizable than the Zoeller,” said Jeff Tully, General Manager of Earth Contact Products.  “We believe that working with Zoeller pumps will give us an advantage over our competition.”




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