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What happens to your foundation when it rains a lot?

clock June 14, 2018 12:52 by author
When it rains, the first things you might worry about are a leaking roof or pooling water in your yard. But there is a much more serious problem that can occur when it rains a lot: foundation problems. Here is what to look for.

Rain can cause a lot of problems, but you definitely need to pay attention to your foundation when it rains.

When it rains, the first things you might worry about are a leaking roof or pooling water in your yard. But there is a much more serious problem that can occur when it rains a lot: foundation problems. Here is what to look for. 

New cracks may form in your foundation walls

Not all cracks in your foundation are major problems, but even minor cracks can turn into larger problems if not kept in check. Cracks that are less than an eighth of an inch are pretty common to see. If you notice new cracks or changes in existing cracks in your foundation walls or floors, or even in drywall and ceilings in your home, it may be an indicator of soil changes due to heavy rains. These problems can get worse fast, so if you are experiencing heavy rains in your area keep cracks on your radar and have changes inspected by a foundation repair professional. 

Major changes can happen fast in the form of foundation settlement or bowing walls

Soil expands and contracts based on the weather conditions. Right now in our home area of Kansas City, it has been really dry. This causes the soil to contract away from the foundation. But if we get a heavy rain it will change everything very fast. Water will go right to those areas where the soil has contracted, and the wet soil will expand, putting pressure on foundation walls causing them to bow in and crack and even fail. If it is really dry and you have a sudden, heavy rain, check your foundation walls in your basement or crawl space for leaks. If you notice musty odors or dampness make sure to contact a contractor for help because there may be water coming in from places you aren't seeing. 

Luckily our network of contractors knows that foundation repair and waterproofing go hand in hand. Many of our contractors can resolve issues with water in your basement or crawl space as well as repair bowing walls and foundation settlement. To learn more call us today. We will find you a contractor in your local area to help you out!

How to Know You've Found the Right Foundation Repair Company

clock June 6, 2018 12:05 by author

Whenever you have a big problem with your home, whether it be your roof, HVAC, or areas in our realm such as waterproofing or foundation repair, it's hard to tell when you might be taken for a ride. How do you know you have found a GOOD foundation repair company? How do you know you are looking for a good foundation repair contractor? We have some tips for you and questions to ask that might help narrow the field.

Years in business or years of relevant experience in the industry. You want to know that the people you are working on have experience. Obviously, if someone has been in the industry longer will know more about diagnosing your problem. Consider years of combined experience as well. 

Can you find good reviews and testimonials about the foundation repair company you are looking at? Reputation means a lot. If others had a good experience your chances are better of having a good experience. 

Is the foundation repair company you are looking at licensed and insured? Ask right away for the contractor's license and insurance information before you get too far into the process. If something happens to your home you want to make sure you are protected. You can ask for a certificate of insurance from the contractor's insurance provider. 

Does the foundation repair company offer a warranty? For foundation and waterproofing products that will be installed in your home, you want to know that the foundation repair company will back it up with a warranty. Good companies like ECP will stand behind their products with a solid warranty.

Cost and Time involved in your foundation repair or waterproofing project should be taken into account. While the best foundation repair company might not be the cheapest, they should be honest about their cost. Also, knowing the time and even the extent of the work that will be done are big factors.

Clean up is an important part of any job. Make sure that the foundation repair company you work with is willing to leave your property the way that they found it when they leave. 

Our foundation repair contractors fit the bill with all the items above. ECP has a careful screening process and only works with the best of the best when it comes to foundation repair companies. Call us today to get matched with the right one for your job. 

Basement Crack Repair Q & A

clock May 29, 2018 06:32 by author

A few questions answered that we hear frequently in regards to basement wall cracks and basement crack repair:

Q. How do I know a crack in my basement wall is something I should be concerned about?

A. Not all cracks in basement walls (or floors) mean you have big foundation problems, but wall cracks can mean bigger problems than floor cracks when it comes to your basement. Our rule of thumb is that if you see basement wall cracks, it is wise to have an expert take a look. This is truly the only way to determine if there is a larger problem. 

Q. Is there a general rule of thumb about the size of basement cracks that mean there is a structural problem?

A. Hairline cracks typically do not need repair and usually don't indicate a larger problem is going on with your foundation. They can be straight or spider-like. If you note that the crack is larger than an 1/8th of an inch it may be time to have those basement cracks repaired or sealed. 

Q. What is spalling? Is it a sign of structural problems?

A. Spalling is the term that describes when the surface of concrete flakes away. This is typically a sign that the concrete mix was too wet when it was poured. While it may not look very nice, it isn't a sign that there is a structural problem. If you note it in conjunction with other problems in your basement (or crawl space) however you may want to have it checked out. If you have water seepage, cracks larger than 1/8th of an inch, or other signs of foundation problems, call and expert. 

Q. Can cracks be fixed with foundation piers?

While basement cracks can be a sign of settlement of your foundation, the cracks themselves won't be repaired by the installation of foundation piers. Certain cracks will have to be sealed. Talk to our professionals for more information. 

In conclusion, it can't hurt to have basement cracks inspected. Our contractors in the My Foundation Repairs network of contractors are experts when it comes to basement crack repair. Many of them also offer concrete repair services and waterproofing services for a full service repair for your basement cracks. If in doubt, give us a call and we will find the right contractor for you. 



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