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Heavy Spring Rains and Your Foundation

clock April 23, 2018 11:15 by author

While we all appreciate the rain in spring because it helps everything green up and grow, there are also a lot of reasons we don't like it. Sporting events get canceled, we can't go outside, getting rained on when you are out - these are all things that can be annoying about the spring rain. As annoying as those things might be they don't stack up to the problems that heavy rain can bring to your basement or crawlspace. 

The problems range from small things to big failures

If you have small cracks in your foundation walls you can have water seepage. Even a small amount of water in your basement or crawl space can lead to big problems: Pests, bugs, musty odors, wood rot, and mold. 

Per the CDC ( mold can be very hard on your health. Exposure to damp and moldy enviroments can lead to many different health issues including nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation and skin irritation just to name a few. 

The bigger problem is when rain builds up around your foundation walls. If you down spouts and gutters aren't clear water can sink into the landscaping around your foundation walls and exert pressure on the walls of your basement or crawlspace. Our contractors see bowing and leaning walls all the time. Block walls can crack and bow under the pressure. 

If you notice the signs of foundation problems you should call a contractor to take a look. If you see foundation cracks, seepage, bad odors, doors and windows that stick, tile or drywall cracking, ceiling cracks, or your countertops pulling away from the wall, you may have a foundation problem. 

Our contractors can resolve problems that occur due to those heavy spring rains. Most of our contractors also do waterproofing because so many times when a foundation problem is present, so are water problems and visa versa. If you are a homeowner you can get a free estimate to determine the root cause of your problems and the best solution to fit your budget. Also, ask about financing. We know that money can be a big worry when it comes to these types of repairs. Hopefully we can put your mind at ease. 

So enjoy those spring rains and seeing things grow, just keep an eye on your foundation at the same time!

Critters and Concrete

clock April 23, 2018 08:23 by author

Could critters be creating voids under your concrete?

Finally! Across the US we are starting to see some tempuratures more indicative of Spring. It's been a long time coming in many parts of the country. All it takes is a few days of warmer weather and the critters start to come out of the woodwork. While it is great to see the birds singing and the wildlife coming out as a sign of spring, ground squirrels and other animals could be digging in your yard and under your sidewalks, patio, stairs, steps, or driveway. This can create voids and cause the slab to settle and crack.  Examples of animals that burrow include rabbits, ants, otters, chipmunks (ground squirrels), foxes, moles, and shrews.

What can you do?

Contact pest control: Each type of critter needs to be handled different ways. If you have questions about the type of animal digging up your yard it is best to get advice from a professional. Otherwise you will just continue to have the problem year to year. 

Contact a concrete specialist in your area: Our network of foundation repair contractors also includes a large number of concrete experts. They can use tools such as ground pentrating radar to detect voids. Earth Contact Products has a new product called Polypier that many of our contractors utilize for raising and leveling concrete slabs. Polyurethane is injected beneath the slab and pumped into the void to fill the void and raise the concrete back to the correct position. Polypier uses NCFI polyurethanes that are tested and proven to provide a permanent solution for void filling and concrete repair. 

To see if a contractor near you has the ability to repair your sinking concrete, contact us today. We have a nationwide network of contractors that specialize in foundation repair, waterproofing, crawlspace repair, and concrete leveling. If you are a homeowner they offer free estimates for repairs and can help diagnose if the problems you are seeing could be related to a pest problem. 

The Effect of Hotter, Drier than Expected Summer Conditions on Alabama Foundations

clock June 20, 2016 09:55 by author
Alabama residents worried about the hot and dry summer weather affecting their foundations should call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today.

The Effects of Alabama Summer Weather on Foundations

This blog post was written by Affordable Foundation and Home Repair of Alabama. We are Your premiere provider of foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and home repair in the Birmingham, Hartselle, and Huntsville, AL areas. Our team is licensed and insured in Alabama and uses ECP (Earth Contact Products) to ensure that our repairs keep your home sturdy for years to come. Contact us if you are in need of remodeling or foundation repair for your Alabama home.

There have been several reports lately warning Alabama residents to expect even hotter and drier conditions this summer. While you know that the hot, dry, weather during the summertime can be dangerous for you and your family, but you may not realize that this weather also poses a danger to your home's foundation, as warm and dry conditions result in soil shrinkage. 

As the temperatures rise and the ground dries out, the soil underneath your home will start to shrink. Soil shrinkage can lead to foundation movement - as the soil shrinks, it will shift and gaps may open up in the ground. If these gaps and spaces in the ground start form in the ground that supports your foundation, the concrete will start to lack the support that it needs. This will cause it to sink, shift, and even crack. Hot weather can also 

If you think that the hot and dry weather could be causing foundation problems in your home, look for telltale signs. These signs include cracks in the walls or floor, settling foundation, leaning or bowing walls, sloped floors, and foundation or brick cracks. 

Repair Options for Alabama Foundation Problems this Summer

If you are worried about your foundation this summer and have started to notice cracks and other signs of a foundation issue, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair. We have the solutions that you need to fix foundation problems caused by the hot, dry summer weather in Alabama:

These are some of the services that we use to repair foundation problems in homes within our Alabama service area. We use several different kinds of ECP piers to lift sinking foundations and ensure the slab is stabilized. We also specialize in the installation of ECP helical tiebacks or plate anchors to reposition foundations that have started to shift due to soil shrinkage. 

Our other services include polyjacking, concrete repair, and crack repair. We use concrete repair and crack repair to fix structural issues and cracks in your home that may have arisen due to the stress the summer weather puts on your foundation. Polyjacking (injecting a polyurethane foam under the slab) is a great solution to fill voids resulting from soil shrinkage and lift your home. 

All of these solutions can help to protect your Alabama home's foundation from the negative effects of hot, dry, summer weather.



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