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Solar Power and Helical Anchors

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The use of helical anchors and solar power are efficient solutions and renewable energy sources for your home or business.


The use of helical anchors is making the installation of large solar panel facilities simpler and more efficient. Efficiency is one of the key ingredients for solar panels. Solar panels can be the optimal solution for you with minimal disruption to your home or business. Solar Power is a safe choice. Solar power is available in quantity at peak usage times. Current solar panels offer up to 50% more power than panels of just a few years ago. Solar panels that are more efficient provide the strongest return on your investment.  Higher efficiency means more savings per square foot. Helical anchors help make this all possible.

Helical ground anchors are engineered deep foundation members that provide high compressive and tension holding power. Their unique design can eliminate concrete foundation members that are often the source of construction delays. Helical anchors can be configured for most renewable energy applications in most soils. Installation of helical anchors is very fast and can be performed using relatively small equipment in hard to access site conditions. A verifiable load capacity can be determined for each location to assure owners of long-term stability.

Efficiency and renewability are two things that solar power and helical anchors have in common. Solar power is obviously a renewable energy source that will help satisfy our energy appetite. Earth Contact Products, a major helical supplier to the Solar Industry, uses recycled steel in the production of their helical products.  According to their website, “Our tubular products … are therefore at least 95-98% recyclable”. This commitment to recycling and Green Initiative makes helical anchors and solar power very Earth Friendly and Efficient.

Home Inspections

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A trained contractor looks at your foundation problems and provide a home inspection which involves an in-depth visual examination of your home's structure.


No matter if you are having your home inspected by a professional inspector, structural contractor or professional engineer all aspects of the inspection should be handled in a similar manner. A home inspection is an in-depth visual examination of a structure - from top to bottom, inside and outside. It is an analysis of the present physical condition of the home or structure. The home inspection should be a process that the inspector and customer/homeowner communicate the findings during the inspection. Upon completion of the inspection the inspector should provide a written report on the finding of the examination and analysis.

During the inspection the homeowner/customer is key to the communication process. At no other time are the details about the property more important to convey. The better the information and history of the structure is conveyed to the inspector the more complete this visual inspection will be. It is the inspectors responsibility to educate the property owner and make sure that he understands the finding of the report. This communication is not only done through the final report but throughout the inspection.

Guidelines for home inspections:

  • Communicate during the inspection
  • Communication is a 2-way street
  • Good and bad news must be communicated
  • Educate property owner
  • Remember scope of inspection
  • Review final report together


From the pre-inspection meeting through the final report review communication is the key to success. The property owner must communicate the history of the property to give the inspector insights to renovations, repairs and problems, the inspector must communicate the scope fo the inspection, the visual clues and final analysis. Both parties have the same goal - to evaluate, assess and formulate a plan for repair. Without this communication a full proof plan cannot be obtained and such the property owner will not be completely staisfied witht the repairs.

This day and age property owners have access to more information than ever before. Not all information is good but be assured there is more information available. Websites such as and give consumers to good background and solution oriented information. This information leads to better questions and a more realistic expectation of what can be done to solve their problem.

Deciding on who is going to perform your inspection is the only question at this point. A professional engineer is always the best suited person to perform a through evaluation of your property. They have nothing to gain by steering you in a sinlge direction, they are bound to have your best interest at heart. Hiring a professional engineer is truly hiring a professional that has only your best interest in mind and has the knowlege and experience to insure your property and money is taken care of. Structural repair contractors are the next best source for inspectors. A reputable structural foundation repair contractor has personel on staff that are trained and experienced in foundation problems. Yes there are contractors out there that do not have the experience and ethics behind them to give you an unbiased report. But when it comes time to perform repairs you will be working with them whether you hire a professional engineer or home inspector to do the report. Many times the prudent thing to do is to get a reference from the contractor or have a couple contractors give you an evaluation and compare their methods and final reports.

World of Concrete Trade Show Official Conference Las Vegas 2010

clock November 4, 2009 21:05 by author blogadmin
World of Concrete 2010, annual international event dedicated to commercial construction industries.


World of Concrete is the industry's ONLY annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits with the industry's leading suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies, exciting demonstrations and competitions, a world-class education program, and the information you need to help sustain and grow your business. Start the year off strong at World of Concrete!

Exhibits February  2 – 5th 2010

Seminars February  1-5th 2010 

Original equipment manufacturers from around the world, like Earth Contact Products, displaying their products for the commercial construction, concrete and foundation repair industries.. WOC attracts approximately 1,600 exhibitors and occupies more than 800,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space.

Commercial Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Construction Managers, Dealers/Distributors, Structural Repair Contractors, Designers and Specifiers, General Contractors, Masonry Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Brick and Block Producers, Repair Contractors, Residential Contractors,  Specialty Concrete Contractors, Pipe and Block Producers, and Precast/Prestressed Producers, and more...

EDUCATION : WOC offers both 90-minute and 3-hour seminar sessions; more than 100 skill-building seminars with top industry experts. This unsurpassed program provides training, updates and certifications. 
 Some contractors, like Earth Contact Products, have private educational seminars about their products and industries. For example, ECP is offering a Technical Seminar for their contractors and specifying engineers. This seminar is titled Basic Helical Design and Applications. This 5 hour technical presentation requires pre-registration by calling 866-327-0007. 

Do not miss out on this yearly gathering, in Las Vegas, of the best manufacturers and contractors from around the world. Visit the ECP display at booth #S11813



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