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ECP Announces Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner

clock May 20, 2009 11:17 by author blogadmin
ECP has an Annual Customer Appreciate Dinner for ECP customers, employees, families, and the engineering community.







Earth Contact Products is pleased to announce the 2010 Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner in Las Vegas, NV on February 2nd 2010. This annual event has always been a highlight for many that attend the World of Concrete Convention and this year ECP has changed venues from the VooDoo Café to the newest Rio hotspot - Café Martorano.


Café Martorano offers Italian-American food in a unique atmosphere that combines exceptional food with extraordinary music. ECP’s guests will be treated to a custom menu prepared by Steve Martorano and ECP while watching classic movies and listening to classic R&B and classic rock. “We still combine the freshest food with the best music, film and television, but we’ve taken that experience to a new level just like the menu,” said Martorano. “It’s a modern cool atmosphere that allows us to maintain our welcome-to-the-family vibe while re-inventing ourselves and raising the bar once again.”


As in the past ECP will host a cocktail party at 6:00pm followed by dinner prepared by the owner Steve Martonaro himself at 8:00pm. We have made special arrangements for Steve Martorano, the “Italian guy from the neighborhood” to help host the event and prepare his special home style Italian-American favorites in a way that only he can do. This years event will be one of those cant miss opportunities that reflects our appreciation to our customers.


The experience at Café Martorano is like no other. From his “No Whining” policy to his “Absolutely No Changes” and “Don’t Break Balls” comments on his menu, you will quickly see why ECP has chosen this place for their most important meeting of the year.

“It truly is the best meat ball in the world” says Brad Mitchell, after visiting Café Martorano’s for the first time. “We’ve got to have our customer appreciation dinner here” followed Jon-Michael Mitchell after trying the fried calamari with hot and sweet peppers.


This dinner is open to ECP customers, employees and family along with the engineering community that we work with. Make your plans to attend this event and be prepared for great food and a great atmosphere. Let us thank you for your business while networking with the best specialty foundation contractors in the world.



NAWSRC Regional Seminar

clock May 19, 2009 13:17 by author blogadmin
The National Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC) is the latest regional meeting designed to share information about the industry.

The National Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC) latest regional meeting is being held in Chicago on May 22 and 23rd. Guest speakers will include Pat Donlea, VP or United Structural Systems, Barrington Il and Steve Andras, owner of Grate Products, Westport, Ma.

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair contractors throughout the Midwest will be attending this two day seminar designed to share information about the industry. The seminar is located at Metropolitan Industries located in Romeoville, Il. As a major sponsor of the event Earth Contact Products will provide information about their prodcuts to all those attending the seminar.

New Patent for Foundation Repair Industry

clock May 19, 2009 13:12 by author blogadmin
Introducing the latest patent product for the foundation repair industry. It is designed for uplift restraint as well as compressive loads of structures.


Earth Contact Products recently announced their latest patented product for underpinning foundations. The pier includes a pier shaft and a bracket mounted to the top of the pier shaft that supports the weight of the foundation along with a pair of braces that extend laterally from the pier shaft to the foundation.


This structural piering method and product was designed for uplift restraint as well as compressive loads of structures. The unique design was created by in house design professionals at ECP because of the growing need for uplift restraint on structures in both seismic and hurricane areas. Incorporated in the design are applications for ECP’s steel resistance and helical underpinning lineup of piers and bracket assemblies.


Jeff Tully, GM at Earth Contact Products, says “the bracket assembly fills a need in the foundation repair and underpinning industry. As the industries premier manufacturer of bracketing systems for the foundation repair and restoration industry we must always be listening to the industries needs and desires”.


US Patent number 7,195,462, dated March 27th of 2007 is one more reason the Earth Contact Products is known as “The Very Best” steel underpinning manufacturer. The uplift restraint product complements ECP’s lineup of resistance piers, helical anchors and brackets, helical soil nails, plate anchors, slab lifting devices and micropile bracketing systems. With the most complete lineup of brackets and piering systems Earth Contact Products offer specialty contractors and engineers many options for their needs.



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