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Concrete Foundation Repair

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Our concrete foundation repair solutions include quality hydraulic piers. Our piers are designed to lift, support, and stabilize your sinking concrete.

Hydraulic piering can be used to lift and stabilize sinking concrete. Whether you have cracks, water problems or settling basement walls hydraulic push piers may be the best solution for your foundation repairs. Foundation settlement and movement requiring foundation repair can be caused by building on expansive clay or improperly compacted fill soils, or the lack of maintenance around foundations. Whatever the reason, understanding steel hydraulic push piers is the first step to fixing your concrete foundation problem.

Hydraulic push piers are driven pier systems consisting of sections of galvanized steel pipe supporting steel foundation brackets. The piers are a point bearing pile that are driven with a hydraulic ram through unstable soils to a load bearing strata. Sufficient hydraulic pressure is required to make sure that the pier material is able to reach this load bearing stratum or bedrock. Pressures of 4,000 to 8,000psi are very common on average homes.

Each pier is then individually load tested, and the structure is either stabilized or lifted with a synchronized hydraulic manifold system to insure maximum practical recovery. The manifold system is generally required by foundations engineers to lift or effectively stabilize a home. This system has been shown to successfully support structures in virtually all soil conditions, and can be used for stabilizing foundations and slabs built on questionable soil, as well as seismic protection, and commercial applications.


World of Concrete Foundation Repair Technical Seminar

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Contractors attend the World of Concrete Foundation Repair Technical Seminar to ensure that every job is performed with the latest foundation repair methods.

Earth Contact Products held their annual engineering and technical information seminar at the Rio Hotel and Suites in Las Vegas. The seminar,  Techniques for Rapid Design and Bidding Deep Foundation Projects coincided with the first day of the World of Concrete Trade Show. The technical seminar, presented by Don Clayton, PE covered subjects including Estimating Structural Loads on Footings, Determining Safe Pier Spacing, Helical Shaft Selection and Slender Shaft Buckling.

This annual technical seminar was attended by over 40 companies representing 34 states including engineers, foundation repair contractors and design professionals. Each attendee was presented with a complimentary copy of ECP's Seventh Edition Design and Technical Service Manual for their individual library of industry related text. This latest edition in technical manuals by Earth Contact Product is quickly becoming the industries source book for steel deep foundation products and their applications. ECP offers this resource book on their website , along with other valuable foundation repair industry information.

Earth Contact Products is the industry leader in foundation repair technology and customer support. The national network of factory trained installation specialists cover 46 states including all major cities. Earth Contact Products also provides a free preliminary design service for its installers and industry engineers to ensure that every job is done right and efficiently. If your foundation needs fixed demand that only ECP products are used to support your foundation.


Foundation Engineering Workshop

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ECP and Mays Construction Specialties offers a foundation engineering workshop so engineers and contractors can gain the latest underpinning skills.

Engineer & Designer Workshop


Starting on February 19th, 2009 Earth Contact Products and Mays Construction Specialties, Inc. offered a two day technical and informational seminar in Grand Junction Colorado. Seventy –two engineers, architects and contractors attended the two day workshop at the local Holiday Inn in Grand Junction.


Over the two days topics ranging from deep foundation systems, foundation underpinning, concrete repairs, grouting, cellular concrete and polyurethane grouts were discussed by ECP, Xypex, Strata-Tech, Cellular Concrete, LLC, Williams Form Engineering and Super-Krete. White Cap construction supply was a non-participating sponsor of the event.


Day one started with Earth Contact Products presenting The History of Helical Piles, followed by Helical Pile Design and Load Capacities. After the lunch break Earth Contact Products continued their presentation about Resistance Pier Design and Installation. Xypex and Strata-Tech rounded out day one. Day two was completed with Super-Krete’s President Tracey Holwitz covering decorative concrete, bonding and coloring agents.


Initial feedback from those attending the seminar was very positive both from knowledge gained and the organization of the event by Mays Construction Specialties. Kyle Vanderberg, Vice President of Mays, stated “The interaction of the attendees and the speakers has been fantastic.” Jeff Tully, President and GM of Earth Contact Products, noted that many engineers approached and thanked him for sharing information about their underpinning and foundation repair products. Will this become an annual event for Mays, according to Vanderberg, “I do not see how it could not”.




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