Keeping your basement dry boils down to understanding where the water is coming from and installing an effective waterproofing system such as a sump pump.


Due to significant advances over the past few years, basement waterproofing products have become much more effective and affordable than ever before. From high capacity sump pumps, efficient sump pits, polyurethane crack injection foams and carbon fiber basement wall bracing have turned basement waterproofing into a profession. With the right knowledge you can transform your basement into an extension of your homes living space.

 One of the most common mistakes when attempting any basement waterproofing is treating the symptoms instead of focusing on the disease. Stop putting band aids on the visual things and start looking at the big picture. Where is the water coming from? This is the question that you must keep in mind throughout your inspection and investigation. All of the waterproofing paint in the world will not help if you have a plumbing leak or a natural spring under your basement.  

The cracks and dampness on basement walls are almost always caused by a process called hydrostatic pressure, which is caused by over saturated soil applying pressure against the foundation. Covering up the effects of this process on the inside with cheap basement waterproofing products may hide the aesthetic problems, but your walls will continue to move and eventually collapse. Interior basement waterproofing products are always best used in conjunction with an exterior drainage system. Having your exterior drain tiles checked to ensure they are clear and functional is the first step in getting a clean bill of health for your basement. If any blockages or breaks are found, it's important to have the drains repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

While basement waterproofing products are more effective than ever, the manner in which you apply those products will be the ultimate factor in how safe and dry your basement stays. Above all, don't move ahead with your basement waterproofing project without first talking to a competent professional who you can completely trust. Asking questions and researching the best options will save you plenty of time, money and equity in your home.