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Foundation Cracks

Foundation crack repair and cost by My Foundation RepairsThe problem with foundation cracks is that many people seem them, and don't consider them serious until a real problem occurs. Foundation cracks are a prime warning sign of foundation settlement which left untreated can turn into foundation failure. Foundation cracks occur when the soil around a structure is moving or compacting due to the weight of the structure above. If there is too much water in the soil around your home or business, pressure from that water is exerted on the foundation walls. This will cause the walls to possibly bow or lean in, and cracking can occur. In conjunction with foundation cracks you may find that you notice cracks in other locations around your home. Wall cracks, floor cracks, dry wall cracks, joint cracks, and even garage column cracks are a common thing to see at the same time you notice your foundation cracking. If you notice cracks in your foundation, even if they seem small and mundane, it is wise to consult with a foundation repair expert to make sure something more serious is not occurring. A foundation repair contractor will assess your damages and determine the best foundation crack repair cost.

Causes of Foundation Cracks

As a home or business owner, it is wise to inspect your structure and foundation often, to look for foundation cracks. We also recommend learning the causes, so you can know if you are at risk for foundation cracks. Here are some of the most common causes of foundation cracks:

  • Foundation settlement - When the soil is compacted or shrinking due to lack of moisture beneath your foundation or slab, your foundation will settle. If this happens, it is very likely that cracks can form.
  • Overloaded walls or walls under pressure - Regardless of how well your home or business is constructed, time and pressure can cause cracks. It is good to note that vertical and angled cracks are caused by settlement in most cases, or heaving. If a crack is horizontal, it is more likely from lateral pressure.
  • Hydrostatic pressure - In areas where heavy rains occur or that are part of flood zones or runoff fall victim to hydrostatic pressure. When excess water builds up around foundation walls, the pressure exerts itself on those walls, causing a bowing or leaning of the walls. Eventually cracking will occur. Some cracks are even large enough to cause leaks, and lead to water problems.

Solutions for Foundation Cracks

Foundation repair by My Foundation RepairsThe good thing about foundation cracks is that the type of crack can help lead to the right solution for that crack. For example, cracks that are angled indicate settlement. Stair steps cracks indicate heaving or settlement. Based on an expert diagnosis of your foundation cracks, a solution can be found. Using our network of foundation experts, we can help you find a foundation contractor in your area.

Once the nature of the crack is determined, it is likely that the possible solutions might include an underpinning solution such as steel piers or push piers. Other options might include crack injection with a polyurethane resin or foam, wall plate anchors that will pull the wall back to it's original position, or helical tiebacks which is also used to straighten and strengthen walls as well. We also highly recommend having your gutters and downspouts checked out to make sure they are working correctly by helping to keep water down and away from your foundation. Many foundation repair specialists also are experts at water management, and if water has become an issue through your foundation cracks, they can assist with finding the correct water management system for you.

So what do you do next? You need to call a professional repair team to determine your foundation repairs needs. Foundation cracks can be an indicator of a major problem, and requires immediate attention. Replacing a foundation is much more expensive then the cost of foundation crack solutions in regards to foundation repair costs. Use our website to find a contractor in your area, and then make the call. Protect the investment you have in your home or business with that call today. Contact us today for your free estimate for your foundation crack repair cost!