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Are the Floors in Your House Level?

lasers can be used in house levelingIt's not terribly hard to notice if your floors are sloping. You can take a ball and put it one corner of the room and see if it rolls down any type of slope. But how do you determine if it is an issue with the subflooring or a structural problem that will require foundation repair? That is where a foundation inspection can become incredibly important.

Foundation Inspection for House Leveling

If you have noticed sloping floors, the My Foundation Repairs team can put you in touch with a foundation repair company in your area. They can inspect your foundation and see if the foundation is not level using tools such as a laser level.

They can determine exactly how much your foundation has settled and then provide you with a solution based on their findings.

Foundation leveling can be performed using different solutions including underpinning and foundation piers. This will lift your home as close to the original state as possible. It's important to consider that you don't just have to level the home, you have to consider what is causing the structural problem at caused the house to not be level in the first place.

Causes of an Unlevel Home

What causes foundation settlement? The main causes are the soil around the foundation and the levels of water in the soil. Depending on the amount of water present soils can shrink and expand causing foundation movement. Poor exterior drainage can make the problems worse allowing water to build up around foundation walls causing bowing, cracking and movement of foundation walls. The foundation of the house will then need leveling as a solution.

If you suspect foundation movement that might require house leveling, the very best thing you can do is get a professional to perform an inspection. They need to figure out if the foundation is the problem leading for your sloping floors and also find the problem that is causing the home to be unlevel. Our network of contractors is trained to identify and resolve all foundation problems.

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