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Slab on Grade Foundations

Slab on Grade Foundation and Repair SolutionsSlab on grade foundations are concrete floor slabs which are poured at grade or ground level to make a foundation for a home or business. Before it is built contractors will excavate the soil surrounding the area the foundation is to be built and make sure that the ground is stable enough to support the structure. Typically the perimeter of the slab is thicker than the rest of the surface. This section is like a footer, helping to distribute the weight of the exterior walls evenly across the soil beneath the structure. Slab on grade foundations are typical in the South and in areas such as California, where the soil is not suitable for crawlspaces or basements.

Common Slab on Grade Foundation Problems

Slab Cracks: This is the most common problem in slab on grade foundations. When the ground beneath the slab on grade foundation isn't prepared correctly, if it is poorly compacted, or if there is not enough moisture in the soil and it shrinks, this can cause settlement of the slab and slab cracks will begin to form. They can also occur in the garage, and you might notice cracks in the garage column as well. It would be wise if you notice cracks in your slab, check the rest of house out. You might notice cracks in your walls, ceilings, floors, tiles, joints, and drywall. These might be signs that there are larger problems with the foundation and a foundation expert may need to be consulted.

Sloping Floors: Sloping floors are a problem that occur when the slab on grade foundation settles unevenly. The settlement causes the floors to slope or become uneven.

Leaning Chimneys: The footings of the chimney can become uneven as well and this can cause problems to occur with the chimney. If the chimney leans this is a danger to your home and to your neighbors. A leaning chimney is a serious foundation problem and should be looked at immediately.

Solutions for Slab on Grade Foundation Problems

Our network of foundation specialist depend on foundation piering and underpinning products from Earth Contact Products. One of the underpinning products they offer is ECP helical slab brackets. They are designed and engineer specifically for concrete slab support. Our foundation repair contractors prefer to use these slab brackets because of their ease of use and high load capacities. These slab brackets provide years and years of support. They can work in conjunction with helical piers as well. Helical slab brackets install deep in supporting, load bearing soils to provide support for concrete slabs and slab on grade that have cracked because the soil beneath them cannot handle the load of the structure.

Slab brackets can be installed above a helical anchor for structural support and strength. Helical anchor slab brackets can be lifted to level foundations using either a mechanical method or hydraulic method. Slab brackets are the top choice for foundation repair contractors in our specialized network. Use our network to find a solution for your slab on grade foundation in your area.