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Door & Window Problems (Separation, Cracks, Sticky)

sticking doors and windows by My Foundation RepairsProblems with your windows or doors are often a sign that your foundation may be failing. Many homeowners blame sticking windows or doors on the humidity, but this problems could be caused by the settling or shifting of your foundation. If your foundation has started to settle, it may also cause cracks to develop around the doors or windows, or cause them to separate from the walls. All of these structural issues are usually the result of foundation failure, and can lead to other issues throughout your home, such as water leakage or wall cracks. Regular inspections of your home for the signs of foundation failure is the best way to avoid serious issues.

Causes of Door & Window Problems (Separation, Cracks, Sticky)

To determine the best solution for your door and window problems, you must first figure out what is causing them. Becoming aware of how and why foundation problems arise will help you spot them sooner. This will save you time and money by avoiding the expensive and complicated repairs that come with more serious foundation issues. Most of the time, sticking doors or windows are caused by foundation movement. The most common causes of a foundation movement include:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: When there is excess moisture in the ground, it increases the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. If this pressure becomes too great, it will push against the foundation, causing it to shift or settle.
  • Erosion: Another result of excess groundwater is erosion, which washes away the soil beneath a foundation. This leads to the formation of voids or spaces beneath the concrete. These voids are not able to support the foundation, leading to sinking or settlement.
  • Soil shrinkage: These voids can also be caused by soil shrinkage. During extremely dry, drought-like conditions, the soil loses moisture and shrinks. This causes cracks and voids in the ground, and the foundation above may settle into these voids.
  • Poorly compacted soil: If the soil underneath the home was not properly compacted at the time of construction, it will settle over time. This means that the home above the soil will also settle or sink.
  • Vegetation: Large shrubs or trees planted close to the home can also cause foundation problems. Often, the roots of these plants will push against the foundation in their search for water. This is especially common in dry periods. The roots may also absorb water in the soil around the foundation causing it to dry out and shrink.

Solutions for Door & Window Problems (Separation, Cracks, Sticky)

Piers repair stickign doors and windowsIf you notice any problems with the doors and windows in your home, you should contact a foundation repair specialist in your area immediately to determine a solution. The best way to fix the issues with your doors or windows is to go directly to the source and repair the foundation issue. This can be done in a number of different ways.

The first common method for foundation repair is to install steel push piers beneath the foundation. These piers are driven into the ground under your foundation to provide support and stability. Once the piers are installed deep into the soil, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers so that they can be used to lift your home back to its original position. The steel piers from Earth Contact Products are reliable sturdy, sure to support your home for years to come.

The next solutions is helical pier or porch pier installation. Helical piers work in much the same manner as steel push piers, except they are screwed into the ground instead of being merely driven in. This provides extra stability for the foundation. These piers are commonly used to repair lightweight foundations such as a settling porch or chimney. Helical piers are a versatile solution because they can be installed in any weather and cause little to no disturbance to the work site.

Torque anchor brackets are another product commonly used to remedy foundation issues. These wall anchors are usually installed to stop settlement and lift the foundation of your home. When installed beneath a foundation, the torque anchor brackets can help to close cracks or gaps around your doors and windows and keep them from sticking.

Contacting a foundation repair expert as soon as you find the signs of a foundation problem is vital to the health of your home. If left alone, foundation issues will only become worse, resulting in more structural damage and more expensive repairs. My Foundation Repairs can help you locate and get in touch with a professional foundation repair contractor in your area. Contact us today for more information!