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Radon and Your Home

31 Mar 7:53 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Test your home for radon so you can stop this silent intruder from harming your family. READ MORE

Expectations of Waterproofing

28 Mar 4:39 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Understanding what type of waterproofing needs to be done and the limitation of this work is the first step to fixing your homes water problems. Sealed interior waterproofing systems are the best choice for basement waterproofing. READ MORE

Foundation Repair for Basement or Slab Foundations

22 Mar 7:26 pm by My Foundation Repairs

The solution to fixing a settling foundation, is to hire a professional engineer. An expert can provide foundation repair methods to make your home stable. READ MORE

Waterproofing Residential Foundations

14 Mar 6:42 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Keep your home dry and safe by installing an adequate waterproofing system. It will conserve energy and stop mold growth for your residential foundation. READ MORE

International Building Code – Changes for Helical Piles

13 Mar 10:35 am by My Foundation Repairs

The International Building Code changes the structural provisions for helical pile foundations. READ MORE

Wet Basements and Spring Rains

12 Mar 2:02 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Excess water in your basement can lead to foundation damage. Hire a foundation engineer so you can get quality service and permanently keep your home dry. READ MORE

Wet Basements & Spring Rains

10 Mar 1:11 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Heavy spring rains produce wet basements and crawlspaces. Inspect your foundation for water damages such as cracks and settlement to prevent flooding. READ MORE

Steel Push Pier Installation

02 Mar 11:55 am by My Foundation Repairs

Settled foundations composed of stone, concrete block or poured concrete can easily be restored by using steel push piers. The piers are 100% load tested. READ MORE

Home Sweet Home Foundation Repairs

8:26 am by My Foundation Repairs

We will help you find a competent and reliable foundation repair contractor to repair your settling and sinking foundation. READ MORE

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