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Concrete Piles – Too Good to be True?

29 Apr 6:09 am by My Foundation Repairs

Foundation contractors are using steel push piers instead of concrete piles because they accurately measure pressure, depth and force on the structure. READ MORE

Foundation Repair – Bottle Jacks are BAD!

27 Apr 10:14 am by My Foundation Repairs

Don't repair you foundation by using bottle jacks. A professional can stabilize and support your foundation by installing quality foundation repair products. READ MORE

Your Homes Deck is Only as Good as it’s Foundation

21 Apr 6:50 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Helical piers are used in deck construction so you can save on lumber, concrete and installation costs. READ MORE

Bowing Basement Walls and Solutions

16 Apr 7:19 am by My Foundation Repairs

Wall anchors are a cost effective solution to repair bowing or leaning basement walls. They also cause little disturbance to your home and lawn. READ MORE

Micropile Underpinning Bracket

06 Apr 11:42 am by My Foundation Repairs

Micropile underpinning bracket is a new cost effective underpinning product used in the foundation repair industry to handle difficult ground conditions. READ MORE

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