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What the Farmers Almanac says about Home Repairs

22 Aug 10:15 am by My Foundation Repairs

According to the Farmers Almanac, the best time to make home repairs are August 21 to October 19. Avoid further foundation damages, by calling an expert. READ MORE

Texas Foundation Repair and Soaker Hoses

16 Aug 6:59 pm by My Foundation Repairs

Do not fall for the smoke and mirror engineering of using soaker hoses as a replacement for good foundation engineering. READ MORE

Foundation Repair – Foundations & Water

5:34 pm by My Foundation Repairs

  When it comes to structural foundation repairs, the most common damage is due to water. Water or the lack thereof causes many problems, from settling, to bowed basement walls, to cracks and heaving. There are differing ways that water can get affect your foundation. Steps to Prevention: Waterproofing your basement is the best way […] READ MORE

Crawl Space Foundation Repairs

01 Aug 7:43 pm by My Foundation Repairs

ECP's Model 200 Crawl Space Pier System is a foundation repair method that is used to lift, lock and secure your home's foundation. READ MORE

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