2010 Titan Micropile Installation School

June 15-17, 2010


Once again TEI will hold our annual Titan micropile installation school from June 15-17. This school trains the attendees on the proper installation and testing of the Titan hollow bar system. Included is instruction on general load calculations for micropiles, how hydraulic drifters operate and case studies from local hollow bar contractors.

This is an excellent opportunity for contractors that are thinking about getting into the hollow bar business to see first hand how hollow bars are installed and what equipment investment is required. The Titan school is also perfect for sending employees to get training, but most of all it is a great opportunity to meet other contractors from around the country and discuss ways for everyone to improve their business. This school is held with the help of Contech Systems, the Titan Ischebek and Obermann distributor for North America.

For more information please visit www.teirockdrills.com