Sump Pump Freezing


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Sump Pump Freezing With the winter weather that most of the country is now experiencing, many homeowners are finding out the hard way that their sump pump discharge lines can freeze, especially in the northern regions. With snow and ice building up outside of their homes, sump pumps cannot run effectively unless they are designed…

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World of Concrete Show


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World of Concrete Show The World of Concrete (WOC) is a convention and expo for concrete and foundation contractors to visit and learn from exhibitors. The 2011 World of Concrete, while less attended due to economic reasons, fulfilled its goals for many specialty contractors from around the country. Weston Opat, National Sales Manager for Earth…

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Interior Basement Waterproofing


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Interior Basement Waterproofing The Correct Way vs. The Easy Way As the economy slowly starts to come back to life, a trend is emerging in the manufacturing and service industries.  That trend is higher quality goods and services, giving your end user more for their money.  That trend is everywhere and needs to be discussed…

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What is a Concrete Crack?


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What is a Concrete Crack? There are 3 guarantees in the concrete business: Concrete will harden It will not be stolen once it hardens It will crack While there isn’t a problem with the first two guarantees of concrete, the third often can cause issues. The evaluation and repair of these cracks is an art…

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