Foundation Issues In Older Homes


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Foundation Issues In Older Homes Older homes have so much charm to them. Often, the particular designs and layouts in the interior of the home are appealing. This is a draw to buyers on the market who are looking for something unique. These are all great incentives to buying an older home. However, typically buyers…

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Leaning Chimney Woes


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Leaning Chimney Woes Make Sure Your Chimney is Stable It’s Autumn, and many of us are wanting to use our fireplaces, but some of us can’t because we have a leaning or tilting chimney. However, this isn’t the only problem you will have if you have a leaning chimney. In fact, a leaning chimney is…

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What To Expect During the Foundation Repair Process


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What To Expect During the Foundation Repair Process Aside from the costs associated with foundation repairs, the next big thing homeowners want to know is what to expect during the foundation repair process. Makes sense, right? You want to have all your ducks in a row, and be sure that you’re fully prepared for this…

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How to Repair a Concrete Driveway


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How to Repair a Concrete Driveway When you see a sinking concrete slab, or a cracked driveway, you might think you’re in for costly concrete replacements. However, you might have the option to repair your concrete driveway instead of completely replacing it. Understanding Your Repair Options There are a few different methods for concrete repairs…

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What Do Structural Cracks Mean?


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What Do Structural Cracks Mean? Types of Cracks Several types of structural cracks can be found in the home. But, what do all of these cracks mean? For instance, which structural cracks are serious, and which types of cracks should we be less concerned about? My Foundation Repairs can help home owners, and landlords alike…

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