Solutions for Bowing Walls


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Solutions for Bowing Walls Different Causes Mean Different Solutions There is no question that if you notice the walls in your home are bowing inward, it is extremely alarming. It may be bowing slightly, or severely, but no matter what, you need to make the call for an inspection. If you are looking for a…

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Common Problem: Leaning Beams and Posts


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Common Problem: Leaning Beams and Posts A Closer Look at the Causes and Solutions If you have discovered leaning beams or posts in your crawlspace or basement, we understand that can be frightening. It is difficult to know how serious the issue is, and what needs to be done to fix it. At My Foundation…

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What Is Hydrostatic Pressure?


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What Is Hydrostatic Pressure? Hydrostatic pressure occurs when underground soils begin to shift. Unfortunately, shifting soils beneath and around your home can cause many issues with your foundation. Why does this happen? To put it simply, excess rainfall causes the soils around your home to be saturated and leaves the water with nowhere to go.…

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What Crawlspace Repair Methods are Available?


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What Crawlspace Repair Methods are Available? If You are Having Problems in Your Crawlspace, Here are Solutions You are most likely reading this because you have discovered that you are having problems in your crawlspace. Perhaps you have moisture or mold growth. Maybe you have noticed sagging floors. It could be simple, such as high…

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