3 Things You Might Not Consider Foundation Problems

Obscure Foundation Problems

three things to look for in a contractorThere are the obvious foundation problems that would indicate you might have an issue with your foundation. But are there things that might be going on around your home that you wouldn’t normally associate with foundation problems? We know a few examples and we want you to watch out for them!

1. Cracks in your driveway. Driveways are usually poured in a way that water flows away from your foundation. If the driveway is cracked water may flow in ways it was not designed to. If water can flow back towards your home due to cracking or sinking of your driveway it can cause a build-up of water around your foundation called hydrostatic pressure. This can make foundation walls bow and lean from the pressure.

2. Countertops pulling away from the walls in your kitchen and bathrooms. Many people just associate this with their home getting older or the weight of the countertop possibly causing the caulk to crack. This might not be the case. When the soils beneath your home shift and move, or when foundation settlement occurs this can be an indicator of a much bigger issue. Be aware of this symptom, especially if you see it in conjunction with other problems such as wall cracks, drywall cracks, or doors and windows that stick.

3. Musty odors in your basement or crawl space. High humidity or foul odors that seem to come from basements or crawl spaces should raise an alarm for homeowners. Typically this means water is present somewhere. This may indicate that you have cracks in your foundation or seepage that could be occurring. For many jobs that our contractors do, waterproofing is just as necessary as the foundation repairs they do. Dehumidification can help as well.

It’s important to note changes in the way your basement or crawl space smells because other problems that occur are wood rot, bug infestations, and mold. All of these things could severely affect the health of your family, as well as be a sign of foundation problems.

So look for the obvious signs of foundation problems of course, but also be vigilant for other issues that you might not associate with foundation problems and get an inspection when you can. Our network of contractors can help you determine the severity of the issues you are having and find a foundation repair and/or waterproofing solution just for you.

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