5 Signs it’s Time to Repair Your Foundation

Foundation repairs can be costly depending on the severity and situation. The earlier you spot and repair a foundation problem, chances are costs can be kept to a minimum. However, left unrepaired, foundation issues can cause further destruction on the structure itself, and on your heath. To help you spot foundation problems, we’ve made a list of 5 signs that it’s time to repair your foundation.

5 Signs it’s time to Repair your Foundation:

Repair your foundation when you see cracks.

The most obvious sign of a foundation problem is cracking. Whether in your walls or on the floor, foundation cracks can lead to a long list of other issues if left unrepaired.

While small cracks from settlement are common and usually aren’t a cause for concern, any cracks larger than a hairline crack, or cracks that grow need to be inspected.

When you notice water seepage or have a damp basement, repair your foundation.

If foundation cracks are left unrepaired, water from the exterior of your home can seep through to your basement. Any instance of water or dampness in your basement needs to be assessed by a professional as soon as possible. Waterproofing your basement is an easy and effective way to prevent the infestation of pests and growth of harmful mold.

You should repair your foundation if you have sloping floors.

Sloping floors are a sign of uneven foundation settlement. If this problem is not repaired correctly, and in a timely manor, cracks will begin to appear in your walls, floors, ceilings, or near doors and windows. Sloping floors are often caused by uneven settlement due to changes in the soil composition beneath the foundation. You can sometimes detect sloping floors by looking at the baseboard trim on your floors. If there is a gap on one end, but not on the other, your floors are most likely sloping downward.

Bowing walls are a sign that you need to repair your foundation.

Bowing walls are a serious sign of foundation failure. If you have bowing walls in your basement, contact a professional foundation contractor immediately. Bowing walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls. This is when water exerts pressure on basement walls that then cause cracks, bowed walls, and structurally unsafe conditions. In this instance, you will need to address the flow of water from the exterior of your home, as well as the bowing walls.

Sinking concrete slabs are a sign that you need foundation repairs.

Sinking concrete is a sign that the soil beneath your foundation is moving. If the soil is not properly compacted prior to construction, voids will occur in the soil, which will make the foundation and structure become uneven, leading to structural damage in the future.

If you notice any of these 5 signs, it’s time to repair your foundation. Need help finding an ECP certified foundation contractor in your area? Contact us today!

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