A Dry Basement is the Best Christmas Gift

a dry basement for christmas graphic

This Christmas, the gifts under your tree might not be as important as the gift under your feet. Investing in waterproofing to ensure a dry basement is one of the best, longest-lasting presents you can give your family.

In the classic 12 Days of Christmas holiday song, the seventh item on the list is “7 Swans-a-Swimming.” You certainly don’t want seven water birds making laps in your waterlogged basement. (10 Ways Water Enters Your Basement)

Instead, here are seven reasons why the foundation experts at My Foundation Repairs say a dry basement is the perfect Christmas gift.

Cleaner Smell

That damp musty “basement air” smell isn’t the most appealing. It’s the scent that can make visitors turn up their nose

It’s sometimes hard to put your finger on what exactly the smell is, you just know it smells “dank” and is coming from your basement.

The smell is caused by mold and fungus growth. Mold thrives best in damp conditions – like a wet basement. Air ducts and natural airflow carry the smell upward to the rest of your house.

Mold has a difficult time growing in a clean, dry basement. When you eliminate basement wetness you can eliminate the mold.

Better Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air may be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, yet we spend 90% of our lives indoors.

For those with mold sensitivities, mold growth in a wet basement can cause congestion, sneezing, headaches, throat irritation and coughing. For those with lung conditions like asthma, the situation is even worse.

Improving the air quality in your home has a huge impact on your quality of life. After all, the sounds of the Christmas season should be holiday music, not wheezing and coughing.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Utility bills aren’t cheap, so wouldn’t a great Christmas gift to yourself be a lower monthly bill? It’s a year-round gift. A damp, wet environment, like your basement, takes longer to heat and cool. Dry environments are more energy-efficient than wet areas.

Maybe you’re trying to battle the constant dampness in your basement by running dehumidifiers or fans. Running those devices 24/7 adds to your power bill.

Reduce Risk of Home Damage

Water in your basement can make it difficult to live or use the space. If you’re storing household items (or Christmas gifts) in the basement, you may find yourself needing to replace them.

However, a wet basement can damage more than small personal items. If water is getting into your basement, it’s often a sign of bigger foundation issues.

Hydrostatic (water) pressure from the ground outside your home can push inward, causing your foundation walls to crack, bow or shear.  (Water: Good For Us, Not Our Homes)

Slight dampness in your basement now can mean major structural damage later.

Save Money

The earlier you catch foundation issues – such as a wet basement – the more cost-effective it is to repair. Preventative measures are always more affordable than having to replace basement walls or find a new home because yours is structurally unsafe.

The sooner you let the foundation experts at My Foundation Repairs fix your wet basement, the more years you have to enjoy a dry basement.

Without the worry of water, you can safely store items in your basement – saving you the cost of renting storage units.

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, a wet basement can be a major negative to potential buyers. Water leaves its mark in a basement, and it’s one easily spotted by buyers and home inspectors.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, a wet basement can be a major negative to potential buyers. Water leaves its mark in a basement, and it’s one easily spotted by buyers and home inspectors.

Often, if you have water in your basement, it’s likely the problem affects your neighbors as well. When potential buyers see you’ve spent time investing in a waterproofing system for your home, it automatically makes your home more attractive than any neighboring house still dealing with water issues.

Waterproofing your basement also shows you care about your home’s maintenance. A well-maintained home can by dividends when you go to sell.

Peace of Mind

When you go to sleep on Christmas Eve, you should have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, not nightmares of walking down your basement stairs and stepping into standing water.

When the winter snow melts or the summer rains pour down, you can peacefully enjoy the seasons without worrying about the damage its doing to your home. (Heavy Rain and How it Affects Your Foundation)

The experts at My Foundation Repairs make improving your home their priority. Give yourself the gift of a dry basement this year. (Why My Foundation Repairs Contractors Provide Superior Foundation Repair)