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Located in the northern portion of Georgia, the city of Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons and plentiful precipitation throughout the year. The hot, humid summers, generous amounts of rain and the occasional ice storm or severe weather from a hurricane can cause serious damage to foundations. This is why it is important for residents of Atlanta to regularly examine their foundations for signs of failure. If you notice symptoms of a foundation problem in your Atlanta, Georgia home, contact a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. My Foundation Repairs can connect you with an expert contractor in no time.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

These are a few of the most common causes of a foundation problem in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • Soil Shrinkage: If the hot summer months in Atlanta cause the ground around your foundation to dry out, the soil may shrink and fall away from the concrete. This creates gaps and empty spaces beneath the foundation, which can lead to settlement.
  • Erosion: Heavy rains can also lead to the formation of gaps and spaces in the ground around your foundation, as excess water will wash away the soil. The foundation will then settle into these voids, since it is not being properly supported.
  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil under your foundation is not properly compacted when the foundation it laid, it may settle unevenly over time. As a result, the foundation above will settle along with the soil.
  • Shifting Soil: When the soil around your foundation starts to shift, it can cause the foundation to shift, and even crack as well. This shifting soil can be caused by shrinkage, erosion, poor compaction, sinkholes, etc.

Common Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

Floor Crack Repair in Atlanta, GA by My Foundation Repairs

Sinking and settling foundations are a common issue in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This downward movement of the foundation is the result from a lack of support in the soil underneath, and can lead to structural issues throughout the home. Shifting foundations are also an issue, and can cause bowing and leaning foundation walls, and the formation of foundation cracks. Foundation movement is usually caused by external pressure, shifting soil, or varying water content in the soil around your foundation. Keep an eye out for these signs of foundation failure in your Atlanta home:

  • Floor cracks
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Wall cracks
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Sticking windows or doors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaning chimney
  • Settling or sinking foundation
  • Wet basement
  • Water in yard

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

If you need a solution for the sinking and settling foundation in your Atlanta home, the best option is helical pier or steel push pier installation. These piers are driven deep into the ground until they reach the stable soils. Once installed, the piers can be use to lift and stabilize sinking foundations. Though the piers complete much the same task, there is a small difference: steel piers are driven into the ground, while helical piers are screwed in.

For shifting foundations, helical tiebacks, large screw-like devices can be installed to pull the foundation walls back into place. Another option is to install wall plate anchors. These anchors utilize an anchor in the yard adjacent to the foundation, which is connected to the foundation wall using a rod and plate system. My Foundation Repairs also offers waterproofing options to keep your home safe and dry.

For these and more foundation repair solutions, contact us now. We can put you in contact with a professional contractor in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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