Basement Sump Pits

The ECP Sump Pit is the most efficient, safe and innovative sump pit liner available today! No longer do you have to settle for a glorified trash can or builders grade sump pit in your basement floor. This sump pit is molded from high quality, impact resistant polyethylene. This tough, seamless, corrosion proof construction together with the system’s innovative and patented bell design has set the standard for the future in wet basement drainage.

The first thing that you will notice about the ECP Sump Pit is the unique design. This bell shaped design not only makes every sump pump system more efficient but it also increases the life of your sump pump system. The “bell” shape will keep more than twice as much water surrounding the sump pump thus preventing short cycling of your sump pump, effectively increasing the life of your sump pump system. It is efficient, affordable and guaranteed for life.

Benefits of Sump Pits:

  • Efficient Design
  • Clear Lid for Inspection
  • Built in Sump Pump Platform
  • Prevents Sediment from Clogging Sump Pump
  • Prevents Short Cycling of Pumps
  • 33% More Total Water Capacity

This bell shaped sump basin also reduces soil moisture content thus reducing your basement humidity levels due to the fact that it performs as a subsurface drainage system. The perforated sides allow previously trapped ground water to freely enter the system and alleviate any potential damaging conditions. These engineered perforations create a natural well effect, which will eliminate hydrostatic pressure around and under your home creating a dry basement.

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