Basement Waterproofing Systems

There are few home projects that could be more important and potentially costly for your home than installing a basement waterproofing system. Basement remodeling projects are expensive for a reason. Water damage can lead to some very steep repair costs. It can significantly lower the value of your home and potentially causing health issues for your family.

Illustration of how water enters your home

Although homeowners from all areas of the country need to be concerned with proper foundation drainage, it is especially important in the springtime, when heavy rainfall puts more stress on basement walls. Cracks, dampness, and mold on and in basement walls are primarily due to a phenomenon called hydrostatic pressure, which increases as the surrounding ground becomes saturated with rainwater. Saturated soil is much heavier than dry soil, which causes pressures on basement walls.

Quality Basement Waterproofing

A good basement waterproofing system will allow excess water to be channeled away from your home’s foundation. This will reduce the amount of hydrostatic pressure on your walls.  This is done using perforated footing drains, which run around the perimeter of the home and deposit excess water in a sump pit. Many types of basement waterproofing systems can be installed in or around your home. They are generally differentiated by internal and external functions.  Internal basement waterproofing systems can fix visible problems such as moist walls or mold. Unfortunately, they are much less effective at eliminating hydrostatic pressure than external waterproofing systems.

While exterior systems can be more invasive, they are the one true form of waterproofing. When considering a basement waterproofing system, make sure that you get an estimate on a complete solution. Internal basement waterproofing can be effective for many basement water problems. You should also consider proper maintenance for your footing drains and external drainage system as well.  While it may cost more to excavate and replace footing drains, it adds significant equity to the value of your home and may stave off a potentially expensive flood or foundation repairs.

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