Benefits Of Winter Foundation Repair

Months Of Winter

stack of helical piers

Winter runs from mid-December through mid-March. During this season, there are more benefits of winter foundation repair than one might think. Moreover, winter months tend to be slower for foundation repair companies. In general, because of the colder weather and multitude of holiday gatherings, people tend to be less motivated. However, because of the COVID pandemic, these gatherings will likely decrease in large numbers this year. Although planning around the holidays needs to be considered, setting a date in the calendar for foundation issues this winter is the smart choice. My Foundations Repair will work around your busy schedule to ensure a time that is right for you.

The obvious question is…why foundation repair in the winter? Because of the complex weather patterns and the constant frost, people do not typically look to the winter for foundation repairs. However, many experts would suggest this is the best time for foundation repairs. During the spring season, it may be easier to see foundation issues outside of the home. But, it is during the winter months when inspecting the ground is easiest. MFR contractors are experts in foundation repairs and can take a look at your foundation before it becomes too noticeable in the spring.

Soil And The Weather

Furthermore, soil plays a huge part in foundation-related issues. For instance, in the winter the soil is typically less wet and more solid due to colder temperatures and decreased precipitation. Therefore, Our foundation experts can inspect your foundation and the soil beneath your home more easily in the winter because of how the ground is reacting to the season. What does this mean exactly? This means that the colder months make any foundation more stable and therefore can make it easier to monitor foundation damage. The benefits of winter foundation repair does not stop here.

Contact Us This Winter

Whether you are looking to join our team this winter, or are in need of some winter foundation repair, MFR wants to be there for you. Please call us at 888-611-1527 or fill out a Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Why not take advantage of our reliable service during this busy time of year? After all, foundation repairs this winter could be the perfect timing to check those issues off of your list. The time is now to fix issues related to your foundation.