Bowing Basement Walls

A bowing or leaning basement wall can leak or collapse.

When it comes to bowing or buckling basement walls many homeowners think that replacement is their only option. Not only are there options, but replacing a foundation wall does not always cure the problem that exists. Basement walls move for a variety of reasons, including standing water, failed waterproofing, and lack of proper drainage. These issues must be solved in conjunction with or before other actions are taken.


  • Minimal disturbance
  • Can be completed in one day
  • Does not waste valuable floor space
  • Installs with portable equipment

All weather installation wall plate anchors are a very economical solution to many bowed or cracked basement walls. These anchors are an approved method of repair by many engineers and building code officials in the United States. These anchors can restore the structural integrity of foundation walls without major renovation or excavation. Plate anchors are an economical and time-saving solution to many homeowners’ problems.

One of the many advantages of wall plate anchors is the fact that they are not obtrusive or unsightly in the basement like many alternative bracing methods. A thin high strength steel wall plate is the only thing seen from the inside. Many times these plates are painted to match the walls or 2X2 furring strips are used to finish the interior walls. This allows the repair to be done without giving up valuable square footage.

Wall Anchor Installation

The installation of wall anchors is accomplished with the following six easy steps:

  1. wall plate repairSod is gently removed to allow for an augured hole in the yard.
  2. A small hole is drilled from inside the basement, which allows the insertion of the anchor rod.
  3. The earth bearing anchor is installed in the previously augured hole and attached to a rod.
  4. The wall plate is attached to the anchor rod inside the basement.
  5. The wall plate anchor is tensioned pulling the wall toward the earth anchor.
  6. The hole is backfilled soil and sod are replaced.

As can be seen above wall plate anchors are a simple and effective means of foundation repair for homes with bowing walls. Homeowners should inquire about the wall anchors with their local foundation repair expert as an option for their home.

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