Brick & Masonry Problems

Brick and masonry problems are unsightly and can lead to failed supports.

Some of the common problems associated with bricks and masonry are also signals that you may have problems with your foundation. You might notice the following issues if you have brick or masonry in your home or business:

  • Vertical Corner Cracks – These are cracks that occur if there is a drying or shrinking of the soil around the
  • Bulging Bricks or Masonry – This occurs when there is a corrosion of the shelf angle. It also happens if there is excessive rain that comes down the side of the structure due to poor gutter and downspout quality. This causes an oversaturation of the ground around the brick wall and therefore support is lost.
  • Stair Step Cracks – This occurs when settlement happens to the foundation of the structure.
  • CompactionSettling and sinking in your foundation will cause bricks to compact down on one another under the weight of the structure.

Causes of Brick & Masonry Problems (Cracking and Compaction)

As you read through the list above you see a commonly occurring word in all the types of problems you might see with your brick or masonry. That word is “settlement”. Settlement of your foundation occurs when the soil around your foundation experiences shrinkage, or when soil was poorly compacted prior to the building of the structure. Shrinkage occurs when the soil is dry. It shrinks and pulls away from the foundation and this causes there to be a lack of support for the foundation walls. If the soil was poorly compacted, the weight of the structure will compress down on the soil and a downward motion of the foundation will occur. This can really wreak havoc on brick and masonry in your home. In cold areas of our country, there can be fast freezing and thawing of the ground around your foundation. This can cause a heaving motion to occur which quickly moves everything above it as well. This also can cause problems for brick or masonry.

Solutions for Brick & Masonry Problems (Cracking and

We recommend inspecting your brick home or business frequently. If you notice changes in the quality of the mortar of the condition of the bricks, if you notice cracks in the mortar or bricks, it would definitely be wise to contact a foundation repair expert. My Foundation Repairs can assist you in finding a foundation repair specialist in your area. This is the first step in finding a solution for your brick and masonry problems. We also recommend keeping your gutters and downspouts in good working order as that keeps water away from your walls to protect your brick and masonry.

Having a professional inspect your home will lead to a diagnosis of your brick and masonry problems. If it is found that your brick and masonry problems are due to foundation settlement and sinking it might be recommended that an underpinning solution is installed for your foundation.

Underpinning Can Help with Brick and Masonry Problems

Steel piers or push piers can be installed beneath your foundation in both residential and commercial situations to add support and strength to prevent further foundation problems to occur. These piering products are easy to install with portable equipment. They can be load tested on site and then the load can be immediately transferred over. You will have peace of mind and your home or business’ value will be restored. If cracks have occurred, they can be filled with either a cement grout or epoxy resin based on the site and location of the crack. This can prevent water from entering the cracks and making its way to your basement or crawl space.

So don’t wait if you notice brick or masonry problems. They really can be an indicator of a much bigger problem. Some brick and masonry problems are cosmetic, but it is wise not to take chances. Our foundation repair experts can do an inspection and will let you know exactly what your brick and masonry problems might mean. Call us to get your inspection today!


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