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Most of California has a Mediterranean climate, meaning that it has cool, rainy winters, and dry summers. The rainy winters and dry summers in California can cause damage to the foundations of both homes and businesses. Another phenomenon in California that can cause foundation problems is earthquakes. No matter what caused the foundation problems in your home, it is important to seek repairs from a professional immediately to prevent the issue from becoming even worse.

Causes of Foundation Problems in California

dry soil in California

In most situations, foundation problems are the result of a dramatic change in the moisture content of the soil; however, other factors may contribute to foundation failure. The most common causes of foundation problems in California include:

  • Soil Shrinkage
  • Erosion
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Earthquakes

Common Foundation Problems in California

Both dry conditions and excessive rainfall can lead to various foundation problems, including foundation shifting, and foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is a common issue that occurs when the soil beneath the foundation settles unevenly or falls away. This can lead to an unstable structure and foundation cracks. Foundation cracks may also occur if your foundation shifts from pressure in the ground. The pressure can also cause bowing and leaning foundation walls, foundation cracks, wet basement, and pest infestation. Other signs of a foundation problem are:

Solutions for Foundation Problems in California

Whatever the foundation problem in your home, it can be fixed by a foundation repair expert. Settling foundations can be supported and lifted by the installation of helical piers or steel push piers. These foundation piers are driven into the ground to stabilize the foundation and close any cracks that may have formed.

For bowing and leaning foundation walls, plate anchors can be installed to pull the walls back into place. These devices are installed in the ground adjacent to the bowing wall and attached using a metal rod and a plate that apply pressure to pull the wall back into place. Another solution for bowing and leaning foundation walls is helical tiebacks, large screw-like devices that apply horizontal pressure to the wall.

If you find a foundation problem in your home, contact My Foundation Repairs to help you contact a professional foundation repair contractor in California right away.

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