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We have local contractors in Casper to assist with all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs.

Casper, WY experiences varying temperatures throughout the year. The summers can be very dry and the winters very cold. The constant changes in the weather can cause you to have foundation problems. When the soil beneath your foundation becomes wet, it will swell and when the soil is dry, it will shrink. This causes your foundation to shift and sink. This can cause some serious problems for your foundation and entire home. It is a good idea to look around your home and see if you spot any of the signs of foundation failure. Some of these signs are:

  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Foundation cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Floor sloping and uneven
  • Leaning chimney
  • Brick and masonry problems
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Beam and post problems
  • Leaning walls
  • Garage foundation problems

If you see any of these signs, let My Foundation Repairs get a foundation repair specialist in Casper, Wyoming to come and inspect your foundation and give you an estimate. The sooner foundation repair is done, the least amount of damage that is done to your home. The foundation repair expert will find the best solution to whatever foundation repair needs you have.

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Casper, Wyoming

The contractors from My Foundation Repairs use underpinning products such as steel piers and helical piers to lift and stabilize your foundation.

Steel piers are an excellent choice for structural foundation repairs for settling foundations. These steel push piers support and stabilize your structure’s load-bearing walls by transferring the weight of the structure from weaker soils onto the steel piers. These piers are driven deep into the ground to load-bearing soils. Steel push piers are the most common foundation repair product that is used today for foundation repair. They are an end-bearing pier that does not rely upon nor requires skin friction to produce support. They are installed and load tested individually using the maximum weight of the structure as the reaction force. During the load transfer, high-pressure hydraulic jacks are placed at multiple locations, reducing the load on each resistance pier to only the design working load. These jacks are connected to a manifold system to provide a synchronized lift.

Helical piers are an excellent choice for foundation repair and stabilization when light structural loads, unstable rock basements or very deep load-bearing layers are present. They are a screw type anchor that is ideal for foundation repair applications such as for porches, steps, stairs, chimney, and much more. All of our foundation repair specialists use only the best underpinning products in the industry. They are manufactured by Earth Contact Products, the very best.

If you have bowing or leaning walls, our contractors use helical tiebacks. They are screwed into the soil horizontally through a small hole that is drilled into the affected wall. Then they are tested for strength. With external excavation, the wall is pulled back to its original level and the holes are filled and the site cleaned up. The installation is very quick and requires very little machinery.

If you are in need of foundation repair in Casper, Wyoming, contact My Foundation Repairs. We will get you in contact with the best foundation repair contractor in your area. Contact us today!

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