Ceiling Cracks

Cracks anywhere in your home are a major concern. However, when cracks occur in the ceiling, you may be especially worried as they could lead to water leakage, and are an ugly blemish inside of your home.

Ceiling cracks may be a result of the natural aging process of your home, but they often indicate foundation failure. If you find ceiling cracks in your home, watch for other signs of foundation failure such as wall cracks, floor cracks, gaps between windows or doors and wall, sticking windows or doors, water leakage, and sloping or uneven floors.

Why Is My Ceiling Cracking?

So why is your ceiling cracking in the first place? There are several causes of ceiling cracks, and most of them lead back to an issue with the foundation. In order to repair ceiling cracks, you should contact a foundation repair specialist as soon as possible. Here are two common causes of ceiling cracks:

1. Deterioration Over Time

One cause of ceiling cracks is the general deterioration of your home. This is common in older homes. Cracks in the ceiling, as well as wall or floor cracks, may be a natural part of the aging process as your home settles slightly over time. Signs that your ceiling cracks are a result of age may be:

  • Cracks in a spider web pattern
  • Very fine, small cracks
  • Cracks towards the edge of the ceiling

2. Water Seepage

Moisture damage is another common cause of ceiling cracks. Cracks can form due to moisture issues in either the roof or the floor above the ceiling. Moisture problems are normally the result of poor drainage or waterproofing, and can also lead to serious foundation issues. If your ceiling cracks are the result of moisture, you may see the following symptoms:

  • Cracks and crumbling drywall
  • Wall and floor cracks
  • Discoloration or peeling paint
  • Poor exterior drainage or waterproofing

3. Foundation Settlement

If your foundation begins to settle or sink over time, it may lead to cracks in the ceiling, walls, and other areas of the home. Foundation problems can lead to serious structural damage and should be taken care of right away. The symptoms of ceiling cracks resulting from foundation failure include:

  • Large cracks, over 1/16 inch wide
  • Cracks toward the center of ceiling
  • Vertical ceiling cracks that continue down walls
  • Sagging or bowed ceilings
  • Cracks near load-bearing walls
  • Foundation settlement or cracks

Solutions for Ceiling Cracks

If your ceiling cracks are the result of foundation
failure or a settling home, it is important to have the foundation repaired as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in further foundation issues and more structural damage. There are many different underpinning methods and products that can be used to repair your foundation and prevent ceiling cracks. Earth Contact Products provides the latest foundation repair products to get your foundation back to normal.

  • Steel Piers
    Steel push piers are installed beneath the foundation of your home to provide lift and support. These underpinning products are driven into the ground until they reach the stable, load bearing soils beneath the constantly shifting top layers. Then, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers and they are used to lift the home back to its original position and keep it stable to prevent future problems.
  • Helical Piers
    Helical piers work much the same way as steel push piers, except they are screwed into the ground instead of merely driven in. This provides extra stability for the home and makes the piers extremely versatile, as they can be installed in nearly any conditions and cause little disturbance to the site.
  • Helical Tieback Anchors or Plate Anchors – These types of wall anchors are used to straighten and support bowing or leaning foundation walls, a result of sinking or shifting foundations. These anchors provide opposite pressure to gently straighten the walls while correcting issues caused by the shifting foundation. If you have ceiling cracks caused by a shifting or settling foundation, wall anchors may be the solution that you need.

Whatever solution is best for your situation, it is important to have the problem repaired as soon as possible to prevent more serious issues from arising. The My Foundations Repair website will help put you in contact with a foundation repair expert in your area. Don’t wait to have your foundation repaired; contact us today for more information or a free estimate.


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