What Do Foundation Repairs Cost?

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The cost of home foundation repairs has more to do with the long-term costs versus the short-term cost. What will it cost me if I do not do the foundation repair work? This the better question when deciding if you are going to hire a foundation repair contractor.

Delaying Repairs is Costly

Will not doing the repairs cost me more later? Taking care of your homes foundation maintains your home’s value. If your foundation is about to collapse the rest of your home is soon to follow. Putting off home foundation repairs will always cost you more in the long run.

That being said, we realize people want hard numbers. They want to know how much a project will affect their bank account.

Every situation and every foundation is different – and prices can vary depending upon where you live and what type of soil your property is built upon. 

However, according to HomeAdvisor, most homeowners will pay around $4,405 to repair foundation issues in 2020. Minor cracks can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while more involved projects might cost $10,000 or more. 

Remember repairing your home is one of the areas where you get what you pay for. 

Foundation Issues Don’t ‘Just Go Away’

Foundation damage doesn’t “just go away” and the longer you wait, the more the damage can spread potentially turning a small project into a major undertaking.

Unresolved foundation issues can lower your home’s resale value or even make it impossible to sell.

We realize concerns about paying for the repairs make some homeowners reluctant to call a contractor. Home repairs of any type can unsettle your bank account. However, there are options when it comes to financing the needed foundation repairs.

Most contractors will also offer free estimates, which allows you to understand the exact scope of work and dollars needed to fix your specific issue.

Ensure The Job Is Done Right

It’s important to fix foundation problems correctly the first time. The contractors of the My Foundation Repairs network have years of experience, knowledge, and know-how to ensure the job is done correctly.

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