Cracks in Cinder Block Basement Walls?

Do you have cracks in your cinder block basement walls? We can help! Prior to the 70’s, foundations were primarily built with cinder blocks. Each wall was built piece by piece, and held together with mortar. Whereas today, the most common type of foundation we use in new construction is a poured foundation.

gray brick wall

Because the cinder block walls are built with individual pieces, they are more prone to cracking, water damage, bowing, and buckling. Over time, the mortar between the cinder blocks can wear away, weakening the strength of your foundation. Because there are gaps between the blocks, cinder block foundations have considerably more weak points to look out for.

If you notice any cracks in your cinder block basement walls, have them checked out by a professional. Some cracking is normal, but you’ll want to look out for cracks that seem to step up or down. Horizontal or vertical cracks will also need to be looked because they can lead to bowing and buckling foundations.

Inspect Cracks

It is always best to have your foundation inspected as soon as you notice any cracking or changes in order to establish if it needs repair or not. Not repairing a foundation can lead to a multitude of other problems, not only with your home, but your health as well.

If you have a cinder block foundation and have noticed cracks in your walls, contact us today to get in touch with a local contractor in your area! They can provide foundation repairs, wall repairs, cracks repairs, and more all while using top quality products from Earth Contact Repairs (ECP).