Crawlspaces can be a huge benefit to your home. A crawlspace can be a great place to have your air conditioning ductwork and plumbing installed because it is easy to get to and maintain. It can also be a great storage space. Crawlspaces add elevation to a structure which can help prevent termite problems. They are a less expensive foundation solution than a basement foundation.

Common Crawlspace Foundation Problems

Moisture and Humidity: If a crawlspace is not well ventilated, and built in an area with a lot of moisture, that moisture can make it’s way into your crawlspace. It can cause rot in the wood floor joists in the crawlspace. Moisture will lead to mold and mildew in your crawlspace. Much of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace, so mold and mildew can definitely affect your health.

Bugs and Rodents: If your crawlspace isn’t property insulated moisture won’t be your only problem. Bug infestations and rodents can find a home in your crawlspace.

Bowing Crawlspace Walls: Water from gutter overflow and downspout runoff can cause a build-up of moisture around the foundation. If there is too much moisture in the soil around your foundation it will put pressure on your crawlspace walls causing them to bow and lean in, possibly crack. This will allow water to get into the crawlspace.

Solutions for Crawlspace Foundation Problems

Crawlspace encapsulation is a process that can prevent a wet, moist crawlspace. A vapor barrier can stop the movement of water and water vapor. A vapor barrier is a largely impermeable material that can reduce greatly the amount of water or moisture that can get into your crawlspace. These barriers help guard against mold, allergens, fungus, and even radon. They can also help with energy savings. Vapor barriers and crawlspace encapsulation can add value to your home. It can make the air in your home more breathable and will allow you to store things in your crawlspace as was intended.

Another solution for the bowing walls in crawlspaces is to have helical tieback anchors installed. These anchors can be installed to pull bowing crawlspace walls back to their original position and add support for years to come. Our network of foundation specialists can assist you in finding a foundation solution whether it be underpinning solutions such as helical piers, anchors, and tiebacks, or crawlspace encapsulation or vapor barriers. If you notice that you have a musty, damp crawlspace, or notice bowing or leaning crawlspace walls, we can help you find the solution you need by helping you find a qualified, insured foundation contractor in your area. Our network of foundation experts uses only the very best in crawlspace foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products. With our network of engineers and these great crawlspace encapsulation products and underpinning products from ECP, your crawlspace can add value to your home and be that extra storage space you need.

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