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Delaware is the second smallest state, and is located on the eastern coast of the United States, along the Atlantic Ocean. The state is on a fairly level plain, and has a humid subtropical to continental climate. This means that Delaware experiences significant variation in temperature as well as snow fall. Large temperature variations and large amounts of precipitation can cause problems for foundations. It is vital for residents of Delaware to regularly examine their homes for signs of foundation failure, and contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as any of the symptoms of a foundation problem are located.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Delaware

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: If there is a large saturation of water in the ground around your home, it will cause the hydrostatic pressure to increase. This pressure will push against the foundation, causing shifting and cracking.
  • Erosion: Excess water can also lead to erosion, which washes away the soil beneath your home, creating voids beneath the foundation. The foundation will then sink and settle into these voids.
  • Poor Soil Compaction: Soil underneath foundations must be properly so that it can bear the weight of the foundation securely. If this is not the case, the soil and the abovefoundation can settle unevenly over time.
  • Poor Drainage: If the drainage systems in your home do not function properly, they may cause water to build up around the foundation, or to collect near the surface of the foundation. This water is more likely to leak through foundation cracks or to seep through the porous concrete.

Common Foundation Problems in Delaware

Foundation movement such as sinking, settlement, and shifting is a common issue in Delaware. This problem is made worse with improper drainage and excess water from storms or snow melt. Settling foundations can lead to the instability of the entire structure, and further water problems. If you have a shifting foundation, it may lead to bowing or leaning foundation walls, or foundation cracks. This can cause various other problems, such as pest infestation, or water problems. Signs of foundation failure in your home include:

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Delaware

The bowing and leaning foundation walls in your home can be straightened by installing plate anchors, which are installed in the ground adjacent to the bowing wall and attached using a metal rod and a plate that apply pressure to pull the wall back into place. Another solution for bowing or leaning foundation walls caused by a shifting foundation is helical tiebackinstallation. These tiebacks are screw-like devices which pull the wall into place by applying opposite lateral pressure.

For settling foundations, the most popular repair solution is to install helical piers or steel push piers. These piers are driven deep into the ground to lift the foundation to its original position and support the weight of the structure, closing any foundation cracks that may have formed. The difference between the two types of piers is that helical piers are screwed into the ground, while, steel piers are driven into the ground.

If you find a foundation problem in your home, contact My Foundation Repairs to help you contact a professional foundation repair contractor in Delaware right away.

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