Do Droughts Lead to Foundation Settling?

can a drought hurt your foundation graphic

If you ask any homeowner they will agree that being in a drought is bad for their property. A drought can lead to plants and grass wilting and drying out, but did you know that droughts can lead to foundation issues as well? Droughts dry out soil causing it to shrink and pull away from a home’s foundation, leaving it to be vulnerable to settling. If this issue is not properly addressed in a timely manner it could cause severe damage to your home.

How Can a Drought affect Your Foundation?

There is a multitude of ways low moisture can affect your home. One way it could have an effect is a settling foundation. Settling is often caused by the soil shrinking making the home move and shift. Some things to look out for are cracked walls as well as doors and windows sticking.

Another way droughts can affect your home, surprisingly, is flooding. It sounds counterintuitive, but when your home moves and cracks the walls in the foundation. These cracks leave the home susceptible to water leaking through.

Foundation Settling Repair Options

With all the problems that droughts can cause, there are a few ways to help combat any further damage. One of these options is piering. Using helical piers and lift piers are common systems used to solve a settling foundation. Using this solution will add stronger integrity to your foundation, and keep you worry-free.

Another common solution is plate anchors. These anchors help stabilize bowed and cracked walls. Installing the anchors are quick, easy, and need little to no digging around your foundation.

These are just a couple of solutions to help with any foundation problems you might have. Here is a full list of possible solutions that may fit your situation. If you have any further questions you can contact us to find a contractor or waterproofer near you!