Don’t Let a Musty Basement Ruin Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, the aromas of the holiday will drift through the air … turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and musty basement smell?!? Foundation leaks can leave your home stinky and moldy. Get help before the holidays.

Dealing with a wet basement can be frustrating. The water damages walls and flooring and encourages mold growth.

Basements contain dust and dirt, the type of organic content necessary for fungal growth. And that mold growth doesn’t stay in the basement.

water drops on a black basement floor
Water in the basement can lead to mold.

Basement air naturally rises, helped by a home’s ductwork system. As a result, the stinky, dank, musty basement air can find its way upward to your main living spaces. (Is Your Basement Making You Sick?)

Situated below grade, basements are a natural place for water to pool. Water follows gravity and prefers the path of least resistance. If there’s a gap, crack or open space, water will find its way in. (10 Ways Water Enters Your Basement)

In addition to mold, the presence of water in a basement leaves tell-tale signs. Warped drywall or woodwork in a finished basement, damp patches of concrete, tiny trickles or rivers of water, or fluffy powder residue on your walls are all signs. (What’s the White Stuff on My Basement Walls?)

Waterproofing Your Basement is the Solution

A waterproofing system by Earth Contact Products and installed by My Foundation Repair experts is the solution. (What are Basement Weep Holes?)

The system will help drain and channel water away from your home, leaving your basement dry. (Do You Know What a Sump Pump Is?)

Waterproofing your basement now can save the headache and expense of more costly foundation repairs in the future. (Water is a Foundation’s Biggest Nemesis)

This Thanksgiving, as you gather with family and friends, be thankful for your dry basement. Contact My Foundation Repairs today.

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