Expert Helical Installers

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At My Foundation Repairs, we ensure that all of our helical installers are properly trained in helical products and installation. In fact, we provide all of our partnered contractors with the essential training needed to be certified professionals in the foundation industry. Not only are our contractors licensed and insured, but they are trained in using ECP products, including helical piers, helical anchors, and push piers. In addition, our helical installers are authorized to use ECP products and services and have references available if warranted.

Because we believe in customer service and providing quality service, we believe in proper training. When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t expect anything less than exceptional service. In fact, our foundation repair contractors value honesty and transparency. When it comes to communication, our professional contractors should meet your expectations.

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Helical Installation

Helical ECP products are an industry standard across the country. With this said, the installation process warrants an immediate load transfer, specific torque capacity, and an understanding of both active and unstable soils. Because these particular piers must be strategically placed, it is vital that trained helical installers are appointed for the job. In fact, “the helical lead and extensions are hydraulically screwed vertically into weak soils until designed loads have been achieved. An engineered compression or tension cap is then attached to the steel extension completing the installation.”

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Find A Trained Installer Today

If you are interested in hiring a professional helical installer, please contact us today. We will connect you with an experienced contractor who is trained and knowledgeable on helical pier products. Call us at 888-611-1527 and we will steer you in the right direction.