Flooding Along the Mississippi

If you live in the Midwest, it is likely you have heard about or even seen the flooding that has been taking place along the Mississippi River. Records for water levels have been broken and only recently have many areas seen any sort of relief. Even with flood walls along the bank and around the towns, water has caused damage for many homes and businesses. With flooding like this, foundations will struggle with hydrostatic pressure on the walls, causing bowing walls or cracking. This can lead to leaks or just outright flooding in many cases. Getting the water out is a huge job in itself, and waterproofing is absolutely necessary. Sump pumps, interior and exterior waterproofing, and foundation repairs can help you take the steps towards a safe and healthy home or business.

After the Flood: First Steps


If you have experienced flooding in your home or business, make sure to give us here at My Foundation Repairs a call. We have a network of professional contractors all across the United States. We will put you in touch with a team of foundation repair and waterproofing professionals near you. They will be able to provide you with a free inspection of your foundation and a free estimate as well. Find out exactly what needs repairs from a reputable contractor. Give us a call today to get started!

We offer so many different types of repairs, products, and services. If you are in need of a new sump pump, we can help. Experiencing foundation issues like cracking, sloping floors, or sticking doors or windows? We will help you determine which underpinning options will best help your foundation so you do not have to worry about those issues any longer. We also offer ECP products! Earth Contact Products (ECP) is the top producer of foundation repair products in the United States. All products are made with U.S. steel and manufactured right here in America. So, you know you will be getting the best. We look forward to being able to help you have peace of mind again. Contact us today!

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