Floor Cracks

Floor CracksFloor cracks aren’t something many homeowners think about. You might not even notice them, especially when they occur under floor coverings. However, floor cracks are one of many signs that there may be problems occurring beneath your home. Floor cracks are a common foundation problem that occurs when the foundation settles or sinks. If left untreated, floor cracks can expand and grow, allowing leaks to occur. If your floors are covered, it is wise to do an inspection of your home to look for other foundation signs, to see if your foundation needs attention. Look for cracks elsewhere such the ceiling, foundation walls, drywall, tiles, walls, or even garage column and slab. Watch for doors and windows that stick or are misaligned. Damp or wet basements or crawlspaces are also a sign of foundation problems.

Causes of Floor Cracks

There are different types of floor cracks with different causes:

  • Cracks due to shrinkage of soil – When the ground around your foundation is very dry, or mature vegetation pulls moisture out of the soil around your foundation, the soils around your foundation can shrink. This causes there to be a lack of support for foundation walls which can cause the foundation to move or shift causing cracks in your floor.
  • Cracks due to expansion of soil – These cracks can occur when concrete slabs that are directly adjacent to something else, such as another concrete slab or another wall. When hot weather occurs and the slab heats up, it can expand and push against other parts of the foundation.
  • Cracks due to heaving of the ground – During freezing and thawing the ground is known to heave or expand very quickly causing the concrete above it to crack, shift, and move. This can cause cracks in the floor but also elsewhere throughout the structure.

Solutions for Floor Cracks

It is always wise to have a foundation professional take a look at any cracks that you find in your home. Small cracks may seem to be nothing to worry about, but they may be a sign of much bigger problems. My Foundation Repairs can help you get in touch with someone from our network of foundation professionals so we can find someone that is close to you. These professionals will be able to inspect your home and foundation and recommend a solution for you and give you an estimate.

If the cracks are minor and you catch them early, they may be able to be filled by a process called crack injection. Depending on the type of crack and the location of the crack either epoxy resins or polyurethane grouting will be used. These substances will fill the crack, prevent water from seeping through, and in some cases make the crack site even stronger than it was prior to the crack. If the cracks are more severe and other foundation problems are present at the time of the inspection, underpinning solutions such as steel piers may be recommended. If there is settlement or soil that is not properly compacted beneath your foundation, steel push piers may be recommended for added support. These piers are easy to install, install deep into the earth into soil that is known to be stable, and can be load tested right on site. They are a long lasting foundation repair solution that is highly recommended and used by foundation professionals today. Our network of professionals relies on steel piers and other underpinning products from Earth Contact Products. These are known to be the very best foundation repair products on the market today. They also rely on water management products from ECP, so if your cracks have lead to a wet basement or damp crawlspace, water management may be recommended as well for a complete solution for your foundation problems.

So don’t ignore floor cracks no matter how small and harmless they might seem. Use the network of foundation specialists from My Foundation Repairs. They can help you understand the foundation solutions you will need as well as inform you of the foundation repair costs that may occur with your floor cracks and other foundation problems. To learn more and find a foundation repair specialist in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free estimate!

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