Floor Cracks

Floor cracks are one of many signs that there may be problems occurring beneath your home. Floor cracks are a common foundation problem that occur when the foundation settles or sinks. If left untreated, floor cracks can expand and grow, allowing leaks to occur.

Causes of Floor Cracks

  • Shrinkage of Soil – When the ground around your foundation is very dry the soils around your foundation can shrink. This causes a lack of support for foundation walls which can cause the foundation to move or shift.
  • Expansion of Soil – Cracks can occur when concrete is put under pressure. When the soil is filled with groundwater, it can expand and push against foundation walls.
  • Heaving of the Ground – During freezing and thawing the ground is known to heave or expand very quickly causing the concrete above it to crack, shift, and move. This can cause cracks throughout the structure.

Solutions for Floor Cracks

Floor Cracks

My Foundation Repairs can help you get in touch with someone in your area from our network of foundation professionals. These professionals will be able to inspect your home and foundation, recommend a solution for you, and give you an estimate.

If the cracks are minor, they may be able to be filled by a process called crack injection. If the cracks are more severe and other foundation problems are present at the time of the inspection, underpinning solutions such as steel piers may be recommended. Our network of professionals relies on steel piers and other underpinning products from Earth Contact Products.

Use the network of foundation specialists from My Foundation Repairs. They can help you understand the foundation solutions you will need as well as inform you of the foundation repair costs that may occur with your floor cracks and other foundation problems. To find a foundation repair specialist in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free estimate!

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