Florida, the “Sunshine State” is the state known for sunny days, ocean breezes, and white sand beaches. The climate in Florida ranges from humid subtropical in the interior of the state to true tropical along the coast. This means that most of the state experiences hot, humid summers and mild to warm winters. Florida is also subject to the occasional hurricane. The sandy soil in Florida, as well as the regular ocean storms can be a problem for foundations. It is important for all residents of Florida to contact a foundation repair expert as soon as any signs of foundation failure are found.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Florida

There are several factors in Florida that can cause foundation problems. The most common of these factors include:

  • soil nailing or soil nailsErosion: Erosion washes away the soil beneath your foundation, creating spaces under the slab that the home will settle into. Erosion is common in areas with sandy soil, especially after a sudden or severe rain.
  • Soil shrinkage: When the temperatures are exceedingly hot or dry, the soil under your home can shrink from the lack of moisture. If this happens, it will fall away and form voids that lead to foundation settlement.
  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil beneath your home is not properly compacted when the foundation is laid, it will sink, and the home will settle unevenly over time.
  • Soil Shifting: If the soil beneath your home shifts, it will take the foundation with it, causing foundation movement and foundation cracks. Soil shifting may be the result of: sandy soil, flooding, earthquakes, excessive overloading.

Common Foundation Problems in Florida

The most common foundation problems are foundation settlement, shifting foundation, sinking foundation, and foundation cracks. Settling foundations occur when the foundation sinks into the ground, usually unevenly. This lead to various problems, such as sloping or uneven floors, and structural instability. If your foundation begins to shift, it may cause the foundation walls to lean or bow. Shifting and settlement can also lead to foundation cracks. Cracks in your foundation can cause water problems and pest infestation. Common signs of foundation failure in your home are:

Solutions for Foundation Repair in Florida

In most situations, these issues can be solved by installing foundation piers to support the structure and stabilize the foundation. These piers are installed deep underground in the load bearing soils. There are two types of piers: helical piers, which are screwed into the ground, and steel push piers, which are driven into the ground. Both types of piers stabilize the foundation to remedy structural issues and prevent further damage to the home and foundation.

Sinkholes are a common problem in Florida due to the amount of limestone in the ground throughout the state. Our contractors that we work with know sinkholes inside and out. They can help with sinkhole insurance questions, help you figure out if you are at risk for sinkholes, and perform sinkhole remediation to resolve your sinkhole problems. To learn more you can work with one of our engineers in our network by using our contact form.

Sometimes, the shifting foundations cause bowing or leaning foundation walls. These can be repaired by installing helical tiebacks or wall plate anchors to pull the foundation walls into place and add some stability. Investing in underpinning methods such as foundation piers or tiebacks will also help close any cracks that may have formed in your foundation. If you see signs of a foundation problem in your home, contact a professional immediately. My Foundation Repairs can help you locate a foundation repair expert in Florida.

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