Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are a prime warning sign of foundation settlement, which left untreated, can turn into foundation failure. Protect the structural integrity of your home by getting your foundation inspected today. My Foundation Repairs has connections with the best foundation repair contractors all over the country. If you are concerned about your foundation cracks, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

It’s Just A Crack…Can’t I Repair It Myself?

There are many DIY foundation crack repair solutions out there. While sealing a foundation crack with materials from your local hardware store may seem like an easy fix, the truth is that it is only temporary.

Foundation cracks are many times caused by movement in the soil beneath your home, or water pressure from excess moisture. Simply sealing foundation cracks won’t get to the root issue. If you are experiencing foundation settlement, larger measures need to take place.

The best way to know if your foundation cracks are serious is to get a free inspection from a local contractor. My Foundation Repairs can connect you with the best foundation repair contractors in the industry. Our foundation repair contractors are extremely experienced and will be able to explain what type of foundation crack repair you need, and whether your foundation cracks are serious or not.

How Soil Affects Your Foundation

We all know that soil expands when it is wet and shrinks when it is dry. Did you know that this can affect your foundation? From heavy rains, to freeze and thaw cycles, to dry hot summers, it is inevitable for the soil around your home to go through constant changes throughout the year.

Unfortunately, soil movement can cause foundation movement. When your foundation no longer has a steady bed of soil to rest on, it can settle into the ground. This is when foundation cracks can form.

Along with soil movement, hydrostatic pressure can also cause cracks in your foundation. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, or live in a flood zone, you may be especially prone to this type of damage. When excess water builds up around foundation walls, the pressure exerts itself on those walls, causing a bowing or leaning of the walls. Eventually cracking will occur. Some cracks are even large enough to cause leaks, and lead to water problems.

Types of Foundation Cracks

There are several types of foundation cracks that you should look out for, and each indicates a different issue. Angled cracks can indicate natural settlement over time. Stair-step cracks are usually found in masonry or brickwork and can indicate heaving or settlement. Horizontal cracks are usually the most dangerous types of cracks and are caused by extreme pressure.

Once the nature of the crack is determined, you can focus on the correct underpinning solution. All of our contractors use foundation repair tools from Earth Contact Products.

Foundation Crack Repair: Our Solutions

Some foundation crack repair solutions may include:

  • Foundation piering systems (steel piers, push piers, helical piers, helical anchors)
  • Crack injection with polyurethane foam
  • Wall plate anchors
  • Helical tiebacks

How To Prevent Foundation Cracks: Keep The Water Away

Since foundation cracks can occur due to high moisture levels, we recommend having your gutters and downspouts checked out to make sure they are working correctly. Properly functioning drainage systems will help to keep water away from your foundation in the first place.

Many of our foundation repair specialists also are experts at water management, and if water has become an issue through your foundation cracks, they can assist with finding the correct water management system for you.

Call My Foundation Repairs Today

So what do you do next? You need to call a professional repair team to determine your foundation repairs needs. Foundation cracks can be an indicator of a major problem and require immediate attention. Replacing a foundation is much more expensive than the cost of foundation crack repair in regards to foundation repair costs. Use our website to find a contractor in your area, and then make the call. Protect the investment you have in your home or business with that call today. Contact us today for your free estimate for your foundation crack repair cost!

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