Foundation Problems Hurt Resale Value

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Foundation problems can make it difficult to sell your home.

Your home is your castle, but foundation issues can make it seem like you’re trapped in a damp, crumbling dungeon. Those problems can lower your home’s resale value and make it difficult to sell the property. 

Experts estimate unresolved foundation issues can lower a home’s value by 10-15%. That means a $200,000 home loses $20,000 to $30,000 in value

Not only are the foundation issues likely to lower your home’s resale value, they can also make it nearly impossible to sell the property.

Survey Shows Buyers Want Move-In Ready Homes

A 2020 Better Homes & Gardens survey asked recent home buyers and real estate professionals what’s influencing today’s purchases. A majority of those surveyed said they wanted move-in ready homes.

In the past, bargain hunters searched for fixer-upper project homes and weren’t afraid to tackle major renovations and repairs. Today’s buyers are shying away from big projects. Instead, they’re hoping for simple cosmetic upgrades such as new paint and carpet. 

Foundation Problems Require Professional Help

Foundation problems are viewed as critical issues that can drive buyers away. Even the most savvy do-it-yourselfers lack the professional expertise needed to repair a damaged foundation. 

However, My Foundation Repairs offers a nationwide network of the top foundation repair specialists. My Foundation Repairs gets you in touch with the industry leaders for structural or water-related repairs. Our contractors also offer free foundation inspections for homeowners. 

Don’t let your home’s value crumble. Contact us today.

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