4 Foundation Repair Myths

The Myths Behind Foundation Repair

myths about foundation repairWhen you own a home, the last thing you want is a cracked or settling foundation. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, resulting in the need for professional foundation repairs. When it comes to something as serious as structural problems, quite a few myths exist. It’s important to dispel misinformation and wild claims to get to the root of the problem and obtain the professional help you need from engineers and foundation repair professionals.

Foundation Repair Myths

1. Foundation Repairs Scare Off Potential Home Buyers

Real estate law requires full disclosure when it is time to sell your home. If you’ve had foundation repair work done on your home, you have to let potential buyers know. While hearing that you’ve had foundation repair may scare a few inexperienced buyers off initially, most will not be worried. If you have the documentation and have used an experienced and respected foundation repair contractor, that can be reassuring. If you also have a report from a foundation engineer that explains the original problem and then signs off on the repair, the prospective buyer can be assured that it is a permanent fix.

The simple fact is, the majority of homes experience some sort of structural foundation problems during their lifetimes. Purchasing a home with a professionally repaired foundation means buying a home that should never need similar foundation repairs again.

2. Foundation Repair Means a Destroyed Yard

Hiring a professional foundation repair company doesn’t necessarily mean your lawn will be destroyed. While some repair techniques require excavation of earth around the foundation walls, others can be performed from inside and require little or no exterior excavation. For example, methods such as installing high-quality steel push piers inside your basement can be accomplished without exterior excavation. Also, crack repair, epoxy, and polyurethane is a relatively simple repair done on the inside when performed by an expert foundation repair contractor.

Remember, not every crack calls for the same repair technique. Before deciding on a foundation repair method, an experienced foundation repair specialist should find the root of your problem. They then will let you know if digging up the earth around your home is required.

3. Foundation Repair is Expensive

foundation repair costsWhen most think of foundation repairs, they probably picture of themselves emptying their retirement account to pay for it. Today, that has changed. Finding a crack in your basement wall doesn’t mean you are about to break the bank. Modern foundation repair methods and techniques have come to your rescue. The cost depends on the cause of the crack and a settling foundation can even be done cost-effectively.

Often foundation repairs consist of a simple, inexpensive polyurethane injection to prevent water intrusion or other procedures. Determining the true cause of your foundation cracks and settling can save you time and money. Call a foundation repair professional to diagnose your home’s problem.

4. Get Three Bids and Take the Cheapest

Not all contractors are created equally. In fact, the lowest bid is not always the best choice. This is your home, a home for your family, do research and hire professional engineers and high-quality foundation repair contractors. Just because you do things correctly does not necessarily mean that you will spend more money.

Find a contractor with proper experience, training, and insurance. How long have they been around? Are they backed by a national manufacturer? Will they still be there in the future if you have more problems? Are they approved by your foundation engineer? An experienced company offers solid warranties that protect you against unforeseen problems. On the other hand, cheap and inexperienced contractors will give you just that – cheap work.

Nothing speaks for a contractor’s work like his reputation. Ask around and find customers who have used them for similar projects. You can’t go wrong with a contractor who has a good reputation with happy former customers and engineers that like to work with them. To find out more about foundation costs, click here.

Hiring a Foundation Engineer

The hiring of a foundation engineer is the most important piece of advice. These foundation engineers will evaluate your structure and write an analysis of the structure. Furthermore, they will know what type of foundation repair method is needed and what products are needed to get the repair done correctly. Whether it be helical piles, steel push piers, wall anchors, or wall tie-backs, your foundation engineer will have the answer. Make sure your foundation is protected by a nationally respected manufacturer that stands behind their products.

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