Foundation Repair Piering

Foundation Repair Using a Piering System

basement exterior foundation issues

The dry weather has a hold on much of the Midwest and many homes and homeowners are feeling its effects. Foundation repairs and hot/dry weather go hand and hand. As many soils dry, they tend to condense and this shrinking causes home foundations to sink. The first signs of a damaged foundation can be drywall cracking, exterior brick cracks, and misalignment of doors and windows.

To stop this damage, homeowners need to look to the engineering community and quality foundation repair contractors that understand the benefits of steel push piers that are designed and engineered to perform.

Small, quiet, and vibration-free hydraulic equipment is used to install the steel push piers, also known as resistance piers. Piers, like the ECP Steel Pier System, is designed to drive deeply through soils and bear on rock or other load-bearing material. As soils shrink, from the summer heat, steel piers will support the home’s foundation keeping the structure stable and crack-free. The galvanized steel pipe used in the ECP Steel Pier System will provide many years of support, even in wet or corrosive areas.

ECP Piers

Earth Contact Products (ECP), is the leading manufacturer of foundation repair and basement waterproofing products made in the industry. The steel piers belong to a family of patented foundation repair products. These piers are the top choice for foundation repair used by contractors. Each pier is load-tested after it is installed. The piers are able to develop a factor of safety because the piers are installed and load-tested individually using the maximum weight of the structure as the reaction force. During the load transfer, high-pressure hydraulic jacks are placed at many locations, reducing the load on each pier.

Piering Systems

concrete pit

Many other pier systems may look like, or are promoted to be “as good as”, the best steel pier system but fall short on many fronts. Some systems drive concrete cylinders very shallowly into the soil and try to provide support for homes. During the dry season, the shortcomings of concrete cylinders become obvious. First, as the soil dries it shrinks and pulls away from the cylinders much the same way you notice that the soil around your home pulls away from your foundation. This causes settlement and cracking throughout your home. This shallow piering method is not a long-term solution to supporting your home.

Other pier systems use un-galvanized pipe or low-pressure hydraulic systems that cannot drive the pier pipe nearly deep enough. Many systems also use bottle jacks (simple car jacks) in an attempt to drive pier pipe or to lift a home. Bottle jacks simply are not designed for this type of application. Many times they can create more damage to the home than was originally found.

Simply, your home is probably your most valuable asset – don’t settle for inferior pier systems to be used to support your home. Demand that your foundation repair contractor use the best designed and engineered products like the ECP Steel Pier System. Your home is worth it and you will not have to worry about future foundation repair problems. Contact the professionals at My Foundation Repairs today.