Foundation Shifting & Moving

On occasion, the ground and soil beneath your home or your business can become unstable, and when this happens your foundation can actually move or shift. This can wreak havoc on the rest of the structure above it. If you notice any problems, your foundation may be moving and shifting and you need help immediately.

Causes of Foundation Shifting & Moving

What causes the foundation to shift and move? The soil around your foundation is in constant movement. Your home or business is built on soil and earth that is sometimes poorly compacted or wasn’t prepared correctly prior to the structure being built. The weather where you live can also affect the soil around your foundation in a very big way. When it is very dry, the soil around your foundation will shrink away, taking support and stability with it. If too much water surrounds your foundation, the soil will become oversaturated, and a problem called hydrostatic pressure will occur. This pressure is exerted directly on foundation walls, basement walls, and crawl space walls.

Unstable soils are constantly putting your foundation at risk. If your home was built over poorly compacted soil, you will need extra strength and stability added to your foundation. Our network of foundation repair experts can help you with solutions for your foundation that will give you that added stability you need.

Solutions for Foundation Shifting & Moving

Earth Contact Products produces many piering and underpinning solutions that have been proven to add support and stability to foundations that have shifted or moved. Here are a few possible solutions for your shifting, moving foundation:

  • Helical Torque Anchors
  • Steel Piers

Whether using helical torque anchors or steel push piers, our network of professionals will surely find the solution that fits your needs. It is important to rely on foundation repair experts. Foundation shifting or movement can lead to foundation failure, so these types of repairs are as far from a do-it-yourself job as they could be.

Contact us today to learn about how we can put you in touch with foundation experts and engineers in your area. They will be able to answer your question about the variety of underpinning and piering products available, and provide you with an inspection and estimate so you can be prepared. Any of these types of repairs are less expensive than the foundation repair cost for foundation failure. Protect your investment in your residential or commercial property and find a foundation repair expert today.

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