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Due to its location, Hawaii is sometimes subject to tropical cyclones or hurricanes. These storms and the hot, sometimes humid weather can be hard on foundations. If you live in Hawaii and notice the signs of foundation failure in your home, contact a foundation repair expert right away.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Hawaii

  • Erosion: This occurs when there is heavy rain following an extended dry period. Erosion washes away soil under the foundation, causing foundation settlement.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Excess groundwater can cause the hydrostatic pressure in the ground to increase. This increased pressure pushes against the foundation, causing it to shift and possibly crack.
  • Soil Shrinkage: Soil shrinkage can happen when the lack of moisture in the soil causes it to contract. The soil under your foundation may then fall away and form voids that lead to foundation settlement.
  • Soil Shifting: When the soil beneath your home shifts, it will take the foundation with it, causing foundation movement and foundation cracks. Soil shifting is often caused by sandy soil, flooding, earthquakes, or excessive overloading.

Common Foundation Problems in Hawaii

The most common foundation problems are foundation settlement, shifting foundation, sinking foundation, and foundation cracks. Foundation issues should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage and other structural problems. The common symptoms of foundation failure in your home include:

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Hawaii

Foundation issues in many homes can be repaired with underpinning methods such as installing foundation piers to support the structure and stabilize the foundation. Foundation piers, either helical piers or steel push piers are installed deep underground in the load-bearing soils. The main difference between the piers is how they are installed; helical piers are screwed into the ground, and steel push piers are driven into the ground. Both types of piers stabilize the foundation to fix structural issues, close cracks that may have formed in the home, and prevent further foundation damage.

Shifting foundations may also cause bowing or leaning foundation walls. This problem can be repaired by installing helical tiebacks or wall plate anchors to pull the foundation walls into place and add some stability. Repairing your foundation with underpinning methods can help keep the entire home secure and will reduce a number of structural problems throughout the home.

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