Helical Anchor Installation Torque Monitor

anchor monitorThe ECP Smart Anchor Monitor (SAM) is revolutionizing the helical anchor industry. No longer do engineers and helical anchor installers need to rely on inaccurate torque monitoring systems. The old days of watching for shaft twist and hydraulic pressures have gone the way of the dinosaur. Today, foundation repair and new construction contractors can monitor installation torque, RPM, depth, the angle of installation, and GPS coordinates with the ECP Smart Anchor Monitor. If you are not utilizing the ECP S.A.M. technology, then your competition is one step ahead of you.

SAM 10 - 10,000 ft-lb model fits 5-1/4" bolt circle 

SAM 25 - 25,000 ft-lb model fits 7-5/8" bolt circle

  • Highly Accurate Monitoring Capability
  • Torque, RPM, Angle, Depth & Location Monitoring
  • Easy to Use
  • Rugged Design
  • Logged Data can be Exported to Excel Spreadsheet
  • GPS Capable
  • Connects to Current Tooling

For more information about the ECP SAM, call Earth Contact Products or My Foundation Repairs today!


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