Helical Tiebacks Straighten Rotating Walls

“You spin me right round …” might be OK for record players, but it’s not a phrase you want associated with your basement wall. A rotating foundation wall is a serious issue, but a helical tie-back wall system is the solution.

Foundation wall rotation is caused by water-logged, expanding clay soil. The ground becomes saturated during periods of heavy rain or snowmelt.

Hydrostatic (water) pressure from the soil pushes inward on your foundation wall. When the pressure against the wall becomes too great, it starts to crack, shift and rotate.

Common signs of a rotating wall include:

Helical tie-backs can help return a rotating wall to its proper alignment.
  • Bricks or siding overhanging the foundation
  • Diagonal or horizontal foundation cracks
  • Drywall or ceiling damage in a finished basement
  • Damage to basement utilities caused by the shifting wall

If ignored, a rotated basement wall could jeopardize the stability of your home’s foundation. In extreme cases, the wall may collapse causing injury or death.

The foundation experts at My Foundation Repairs rely on the superiority of American-made foundation repair steel products from Earth Contact Products (ECP).

The ECP helical tie-back system will return a rotate wall to its correct position.

A helical tie-back anchor includes a steel bar with round helix plates. The tie-back is designed to return a wall to its proper position while also reinforcing the wall and offering lateral stability.

The tie-back is secured to the foundation on one end and then the rod and helix plates are rotated into the ground at an angle to stabilize the wall.

Advantages of ECP helical tie-backs

  • Installation can be completed in one day
  • Installation is possible when interior access is limited
  • There’s a limited disturbance to the yard or landscaping
  • Tie-backs will straighten the wall immediately

Using ECP’s helical tie-back system, My Foundation Repairs contractors can offer a permanent solution to your rotating wall problems. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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